a day on the mountains

spent a very nice day on Mt Wilson today.  Though the mountain is practically in front of my place, I’ve never quite found the right opportunity to go up.  Roughly, it’s about the same as hiking roundtrip from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River in term of elevation gain, but is ~4km shorter.  I was originally invited to hike up Mt Whitney but it didn’t happen…  May be it was good anyway since I might not have survived the high altitude.  All the same, I was so hyped up about hiking the whole week, it was the right time to attack the long trail in my “backyard”.  A last-minute hike companion finding made the trip even more fun.  With the hot LA weather (16°C @ 6am, 31°C @ 2pm), an early start is the best:

@ trailhead, 6am, elev in feet.

above the cloud

We had a wonderful time at the top touring the various telescopes:

as well as touring the museums:

Mt Wilson museum

Hubble discovery of the expanding universe here in 1929 paved way for the Big Bang theory

"... in about 5 billion years, our sun will have moved from its present location to that of the "Red Giants". In the process, it will become so large and hot that it will boil away our ocean's and end Earth's ability to support life."

On the way down:

TV and radio antennas for all stations in Los Angeles

LA in haze

LA in haze

San Gabriel Mtns

San Gabriel Mtns

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