LA, bach, etc.

i was so stuck in traffic this morning i had time to initialize my phone (took forever, deprived me of taking the perfect shot) and snap a pix of LA while driving

freeway merging

several things are visible in the pix: San Gabriel Mountains in the far field, downtown LA burried in the haze and mountain background (at center of pix if zoomed in), plane above heading for LAX, impressive freeway merging system with carpool-lane merging to the left above me and single-driver-lane merging to the right onto a 6-lane highway.  LA is mostly hazy, but there are days when u can get a very nice view.  Here’s one taken several weeks ago by one of my hiking companions, from the mountains looking south toward downtown LA, with the Pacific Ocean in the far field:

taken by gp

and here’s a music clip to listen to while trying to stay calm and cool in LA traffic…

Actually this was what i had on, equally calm and cool.  I like the singing in the youtube clip more, but the orchestra sound and tempo in the cd are truly fantastic.  here is part2.


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  1. Do I need tears this early in the morning? She sounds and looks lovely. Ah that white suit!

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