a different kind of white-shirt

this is a post about him, not her. here he is:

i saw him once, within 1 meter probably, when he came (with her) to give a Latin dance demonstration at my school back in 2003.  they’ve been world champion in Latin 9 consecutive years from 1999-2007, and just retired recently.  i just really love his body movements, the sharpness, the poise, the posture, his arms, pretty much everything.  Can’t figure out yet why I almost never notice her in their dancing, may be it’s the clothings.  May be if she puts on a pair of trousers…

So here’re their other 4 dances to complete the Latin dance:

Cha cha cha


Paso Doble to Prokofiev

and Jive.


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writing-challenged opera-addict

One Response to a different kind of white-shirt

  1. chau says:

    my compliments are for her 🙂 I’m in admiration of those women wearing high heels and can dance like that!
    lemme tell you, just walking alone is already a challenge! after 8 years of training in ordinary-walk-in high heels, i have happily decided to quit and perfectly content with a pair of tennis shoes, New Balance, to be specific 🙂

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