“sento brillar”

"sento brillar", available at amazon

This is currently the most-played cd in my collection.  i can’t describe much, but the music just touches me deeply.  and this is a reflection of how descriptive Frau Kasarova singing is of course. In addition, i just ADORE the orchestra.  there’s no recital recordings of several of the arias at the beginning of the disc on youtube… but, here’s music from “sento brillar” as music for Tuesday:

(this is not the version with Frau Kasarova singing, but I love this rendition as well)

and lastly, a re-post from a few weeks ago:


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2 Responses to “sento brillar”

  1. I saw this on DVD last night: http://www.amazon.com/Gluck-Orphee-Eurydice-Kasarova-Joshua/dp/B00062IZUO She has the sweetest manner of interacting with the audience during applause.

    • thả diều says:

      ja, the humble nod + shy smile and eyes blinking way? 🙂 She did the same when I saw her live the first time, and also took her time to look up to the balcony levels to acknowledge the audience. Also, i didn’t reply to your comment before, but her white suit is definitely my favorite, followed by the tux in the DVD u mentioned, followed by the white shirt in 2003 Salzburg production :^D

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