Spadla z oblakov

The best children movie I’ve seen was from the former Czechoslovakia, “Maika – Cô bé từ trên trời rơi xuống“, which was based on a 1967 Czech children book. Here are the titles in various languages, mostly from countries under communism during the cold war:

  • Slovak: Spadla z oblakov (original language)
  • Russian: Приключения в каникулы
  • German: Sie kam aus dem All
  • English: She Came Out of the Blue Sky
  • Polish: Majka z Kosmosu/Spadła z obłoków
  • Norwegian (Nynorsk): Majka – jenta frå verdsrommet
  • Vietnamese: Maika – Cô Bé Từ Trên Trời Rơi Xuống
  • Hungarian: Csillagok küldötte
  • Bulgarian: Паднала от облаците
  • Spanish: Mayka, La Niña del Espacio

It’s about a little girl from outer space who visited a fictional town in Slovakia and befriended with a group of children in the city, and their relationships were beneficial for both sides.  Here’s Maika’s arrival and first human encouter, in Slovak:

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