taking a detour from the normal subject to reflect on the suicides in the US by 4 gay teens this past month. I’m a bit at loss for words. It’s not going to be a long post, rather just a run-on reflection of the difficult life one has to face when being bullied growing up, and the despair and loneliness one must have felt that lead one to end his/her life. Being gay growing up, I think I can understand some of these kids’ pains, especially the part of being lonely and not having anyone to talk to. I would not have committed suicide during those difficult times myself, but I did many times arrive at that thought.  Generally it’s the thought that there is nothing you can do in life that can improve the hopeless situation you find yourself in, and/or there’s no-one caring for you, hence there’s no point continuing.  Of course being much older now, I realize how wrong I was, but back then, I truly wished there was just someone who would simply explain it to me.  Suicides are also not new to me. When i was in grad school, we had at least one suicide a year (but for different reasons, mostly due to the high academic pressure). The one year when someone I knew killed himself, I spent several weeks reflecting.  I do believe everyone is connected. These losses of life serve as a reminder of (a) what’s important in our daily lives, and (b) what we can contribute to society to prevent them (the unnecessary losses) from happening to our love ones in particular and others in general.


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  1. Did you see the It Gets Better campaign? Started by Dan Savage and his husband, and now taking on YouTube as wild fire. Warning: you’ll cry when you start watching IGB videos.–online-project-s-message-for-gay-teens-it-gets-better

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