LA opera Il Postino free screening

In the last weekend, Los Angeles had two absolutely fabulous free events that I can only dream of before: A free screening of an opera, and an event involving closing down some of the most busy streets in and around downtown LA and making it only accessible for car-free participants.   I’ll write about the 2nd event next, but this post is about the fantastic free-screening of “Il Postino” last Saturday.  You can  get the info about the premiere of this production here , including a video of rehearsal and interview of the Mexican composer Daniel Catán.  We arrived a bit late to the location in downtown LA, just a few blocks from Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and Disney Concert Hall.  Downtown LA at night is quite dead, so it was an odd feeling walking to silent surroundings and buildings and empty streets, until suddenly we heard the singing echoing between high-rise towers.  Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed with the high-tech set-up of two huge projecting screens plus many small screens covering all 360 degrees


Il Postino 1

The sound system was very good.  This is my first ever outdoor viewing of an opera, so perhaps I’m impressed with everything.  However, it’s the most proffesional set-up I’ve seen up-close (compared to the various outdoor classical music concerts I’ve seen).  At intermission, some of the cast members who were also sitting in the audience were introduced.  Shops around the area were open, people were drinking wine and enjoying the very (NICE) warm weather at night.


To me, the opera is the THIRD act.  It was so beautifully sung, especially by tenor Charles Castronovo.  The final scene is tear-inducing, very touching, very nicely staged.  You can really feel the urge, the danger, the panic, the passion in both his and the chorus voices.  At the end, Placido Domingo came up on stage to join several members of the cast to thank the audience (who thoroughly enjoyed both the show and his presence).


Placido Domingo and "Il Postino" cast


I put together a 2-min clip of the evening screening here:

and a slide-show (joining with CicLAvia) here.  Altogether, we were very happy we attended the event.

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