3rd installment

yay, shipments are on the way, my 3rd installment.  Since discovering operas (mainly whiteshirt) a little over a year ago, i’ve been stocking up in pulses.  here’s the content of the 3rd batch:

3rd installment

I have vivalavoce to thank for 3 recordings.  They broadcast truly great music.  But you can’t go too wrong with Frau Gruberova and Rene Jacobs.  I’m still keeping an eye out for “Alcina” with Frau Kasarova, waiting for a used and cheap copy…

And a not funny note on “The origin of Species”.  Since seeing this program on PBS a couple of months ago, I wanted to get Charles Darwin’s book.  Then last month, there was a “Skeptic” event at Caltech.  A friend and I rushed over for the lecture, but apparently it was sold out.  If you think about it, it’s quite amazing.  Here we are in 2010, and a sold out crowd came to hear a lecture supporting evolution.   Anyway, we couldn’t get in. So while trying to scalp for tickets, a lady approached us to hand out FREE copies of “The origin of Species”!  REALLY? I had been wanting to check out this book from the library for weeks! Now a free copy!  But, the manner the woman handed out the book, sneaky, no explanation, it made both of us suspicious.  First, there was the “preface” by some random guy we were questioning…  Then a bit later, we ran into a guy who informed us that the book was given out by some damn creationism group, and they completely ripped out two main chapters in which Darwin detailed the evidence of evolution.  The preface was in BIG letters, written by some damn evangelist.  The rest of Darwin’s text was super tiny.  So, people would generally read the preface, skip the rest, and tell others they’ve read Darwin’s book and found no concrete evidence of evolution.  bastards.  We ran to look for the woman to give the books back but she had slipped off the face of the earth.  So we dumped them on a stacked of free “Origin of Species” and left.

Anyway, my friend had decided to buy the book for me as a gift, so it’s conveniently included in this 3rd installment :-).

Some samples:
Mozart’s “Abduction from the Serail”
Bellini’s “Beatrice di Tenda”
Rossini’s “La Cenerentola”
Joyce DiDonato and Patrizia Ciofi Haendel Duet
Gruberova and Kasarova Duet
Vesselina Kasarova’s Passionate Arias
Pergolesi’s “Stabat Mater”
Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”
Rossini’s “Barber from Seville”

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  1. You ought to review some of them! I can’t keep up with all the things that Kasarova and DiDonato have out — they’re publishing a lot, good for them.


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