a day up mt. baldy

departure: 9.37am
at top: 1.00pm
at bottom: 3.45pm
elevation gain: 1190m (3900 ft)
distance: 17.7km (11 mi)

We’ve been planning this trip since my last hike up Mt. Wilson, but due to loads of travelings, we only managed it this saturday. The whole week, the weather had been absolutely gorgeous, so i was really looking forward to this hike. Then near the last minute, forecast for saturday called for rain + flood + snow + highwind + low temperature + whatnot.  Given how LA forecasts have always been a bit exaggerating, we took precaution on friday and tentatively planned our departure time at 6am instead of 5.30am…

At 5.50am, my alarm went off, and i could hear the rain pouring outside. Soon after came a text message from my hiking companion, suggesting we should delay our departure time at least 2 hours and should watch for flood warning, wind advisory, snow advisory, etc.

So, finally we got started from pasadena at 8.20am and got to Mt. Baldy parking spot at 9.30am. Along the way, we weren’t even sure if we would manage, given the then current condition

weather at 9am

I was glad I packed plenty of warm clothes. starting temperature was 3°C (37°F).  First, we wandered around a bit looking for signs, there was none… so thanks to my friend’s map we proceeded along until some point when we completely missed the trail head. Here, try to see if you can see the trailhead yourself

poorly labeled trailhead

The condition was fantastic, lots of beautiful cloud. It was rather easy until we reached the top of the ski resort, at which point it went straight UP on a rather very steep path,

along "devils backbone" trail

Actually i’m not sure if it’s very steep (~135m/km, 710ft/mi), or the fact that we were around 3km elevation and my oxygen internal-tank was beginning to run low, but my legs felt like lead. This section was also very exposed, the wind was howling and literally turning me into a drunkard. It took ages for me to crawl to the top. I snapped a 360deg clip at the top here:

(at the end of the clip is a 3-min slide show of the whole trip.)

All in all, i was extremely happy to be on the mountains. here’re some shots of the clouds and things. You can see the rest from the clip above.

view of the moon from just below the top

detailed description of the routes can be found here.
on a technical note, i managed to merge 2 videos of different codecs using ffmpeg and mencoder in ubuntu. gotta love ubuntu.

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