vivalavoce — nov 2010 highlights

I bought 3 cd-sets following listening to broadcasts from vivalavoce already.  The first set arrived today, Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte with Rene Jacobs, and created a sensation in the lab.  Apparently everyone wants to listen and copy/buy it. So, onto more wonderful music from that great channel.  Remeber to tune in at 8PM EST, 5PM PST. If you’re in Europe, you can also tune in at 3AM EST to listen to the re-broadcasts from last month. hightlights for Nov include:

November 7
Vincenzo Bellini: I Capuletti e i Montecchi

Agnes Baltsa (mezzo-soprano) [Romeo] | Edita Gruberova [Giulietta] | Gwynne Howell [Capellio] | Dano Raffanti [Tebaldo] | John Tomlinson [Lorenzo] | Chorus and Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden | Riccardo Muti (conductor)

November 8
Giuseppe Verdi: La traviata

Edita Gruberova [Violetta Valéry] | Patricia Spence [Flora Bervoix] | Monica Bacelli [Annina] | Neil Shicoff [Alfredo Germont] | Giorgio Zancanaro [Giorgio Germont] | Kim Begley [Gastone, Visconte de Létorières] | Peter Sidhom [Barone Douphol] | David Barrell [Marchese d’Obigny] | Alastaire Miles [Dottore Grenvil] | Peter Bronder [Giuseppe, servo di Violetta] | Fabrizio Visentin [Domestico di Flora] | Nicholas Folwell [Commissionario] | Ambrosian Singers [Signori e signore; Amici di Violetta e Flora; Mattadore; Piccadori e zingare | London Symphony Orchestra | Carlo Rizzi (conductor)

November 12
Claudio Monteverdi: L’Orfeo

Anthony Rolfe Johnson (tenor) [Orfeo] | Julianne Baird [Euridice] | Lynne Dawson (soprano) [La Musica] | Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano) [Messaggiera] | Nancy Argenta (soprano) [Ninfa] | Mary Nichols [Speranza] | John Tomlinson [Caronte/Sprito III] | Diana Montague (alto) [Proserpina] | Willard White [Plutone] | Mark Tucker (tenor) [Pastore I/Eco] | Nigel Robson [Pastore II/Apollo] | Michael Chance (alto) [Pastore III] | Simon Birchall (bass) [Pastore IV] | Howard Milner [Spirito I] | Nicolas Robertson [Spirito II] | The Monteverdi Choir [Coro di ninfe e pastori; Coro di spiriti] | The English Baroque Soloists | His Majestie’s Sagbutts & Cornetts | John Eliot Gardiner (conductor)

November 16
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Mitridate

Giuseppe Sabbatini [Mitridate] | Natalie Dessay (soprano) [Aspasia] | Cecilia Bartoli (mezzo-soprano) [Sifare] | Brian Asawa [Farnace] | Sandrine Piau [Ismene] | Juan Diego Flórez (tenor) [Marzio] | Hélène Le Corre [Arbate] | Les Talens Lyriques | Christophe Rousset (conductor)

November 19
George Frideric Handel: Ariodante

Denis Sedov [Il Re di Scozia] | Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano) [Ariodante] | Lynne Dawson (soprano) [Ginevra] | Richard Croft [Lurcanio] | Ewa Podles [Polinesso] | Verónica Cangemi [Dalinda] | Luc Coadou [Odoardo] | Chour des Musiciens du Louvre | Les Musiciens de Louvre | Marc Minkowski (conductor)

November 24
Georges Bizet: Carmen

Agnes Baltsa [Carmen] | José Carreras [Don José] | José van Dam [Escamillo] | Katia Ricciarelli [Micaëla] | Christine Barbaux [Frasquita] | Jane Berbié [Marcellina] | Alexander Malta [Zuniga] | Mikael Melbye [Moralès] | Gino Quilico [Le Dancaïr] | Heinz Zednik [Le Remendado] | Michel Marinpouille [Andrès] | Chœur de l’Opéra de Paris | Berlin Philharmonic | Herbert von Karajan (conductor)

November 28
George Frideric Handel: Amadigi

Nathalie Stutzmann [Amadigi di Gaula] | Jennifer Smith (soprano) [Oriana] | Eiddwen Harrhy [Melissa] | Bernarda Fink (alto) [Dardano] | Bertin Pascal [Orgando] | Les Musiciens de Louvre | Marc Minkowski (conductor)

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3 Responses to vivalavoce — nov 2010 highlights

  1. How do you get those updates, cara?! I racked every possible link on VivaLaVoce and couldn’t find this anywhere. I hoped you would post something.

    But let me scream for a while that they’re playing Ariodante with von O conducted by Minkowski. Yes! Yes! Yesss! *happy dance*

    Gardiner’s Orfeo I’ve heard many times, it’s an interesting CD, and what a peculiar opera (for obvious reasons). Almost an archeological expedition, listening to it.

    Mitridate with Cecilia Bartoli should also be spectac. and Minkowski’s Armadigi with Stutzman and Jennifer Smith… Bravi, at VivaLaVoce. Jennifer Smith I’ve heard as La Folie in Minkowski’s Platee CD, and she was excellent. I wonder why he cast Mireille Delunsch instead of La Smith for the stage versions that came later? One of those casting mysteries… Not that Delunsch was that bad as La Folie, when you look at it… I mean, her.

    (In fact, now that I am reminded, I really should buy that DVD, although its North American edition is devoid of any support materials).

    Thank you thank you thank you. Keep doing these.

    • thả diều says:

      ah, you’re welcome :-). I saw your updates for Nov but didn’t see any links to vivalavoce, so i thought I keep this going. I get the monthly schedule + encore from the link above (caption of the figure). I just have it bookmarked and go back often (each day) to check out whether I should station myself in front of the computer at 5pm. On Nov 12, i’ll miss it again, argh (flying). I’m quite looking forward to “Ariodante” and “Amadigi”. However, my internet won’t be great, and schedule will be messed up for Ariodante, so i’m scratching my head now… may be will convince someone from my lab to “capture” while i line up on the other side of the globe for Frau Kasarova “alcina” .

      I must admit i don’t know either Jennifer Smith or Mireille Delunsch… did I mention I’m a bit new to the opera scene? making progress though 😉

      It seems vivalavoce is very whiteshirt friendly this month, hurra!!!

  2. Wait, you will be in Vienna with the other White Shirts to hear Kasarova and Herteros?! And you will be partying behind my back…
    I will need detailed reports, then.

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