white shirt Nishimoto + Sumi Jo

i’m quite miffed that the orange county performance art center chose to deliver this email to me only TODAY, 1 day before the concert.  How the heck am i going to get any darn reasonably priced tickets??? grrrr.  and they don’t have last minute rush tickets for the general public either (bad bad bad).  Let’s not even mention that they were at UCLA just 2 days ago .  Of  all that mails Pacific Symphony is sending me, why not this concert???? woaaaah

Let me first say Tomomi Nishimoto surely knows how to wear a white shirt!  and it looks like these two are releasing a CD together:

(update: indeed they are, a dvd in fact:


I quite like Sumi Jo’s voice from the 2 recordings of Rossini Tancredi with Ewa Podles and Bellini i capuleti e i montecchi with Vivica Genaux.


As Giulietta in Bellini “i capuleti”

and while we’re still talking about Sumi Jo, this is how I discovered her actually (from a podcast), singing a wonderful cross-over song

well, now that i’m up early, still MIFFED!

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3 Responses to miffed

  1. Nishimoto looks absolutely divine. I’m glad I discovered her! And finally, a woman conductor. (I only know of one other: Emmanuelle Haim in France. And locally, Jeanne Lamon at Tafelmusik. That. Is. It.)

  2. On the plus side: it’s a live performance, and you only live once. On the minus side, you’d only see her back. On the plus side, you would hear what she does with music. On the minus side, it’s a fleeting moment, a live performance (whereas with the CD you can go back to it over and over). I know this didn’t help you one bit.

    Good to know of Equilbey and Queler, two added to the list. I also forgot Ann Manson (http://www.annemanson.com/) So: it’s better than zero. But it’s still only five-six.

    This video from Il Tempo e il Disinganno is amazing, by the way.

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