greetings from vienna

at Vienna airport custom…

— Guten Tag
– Hallo
— Where did you arrive from?
– London
— How long are you here for?
– 1 week
— 1 week only?
– Yes, for the operas!
— Wunderbar 🙂 🙂 *stamped passport*
– danke 🙂

All done in 1.5 min! record time passing through custom. Austrian people really make it so welcoming to enter the country :-).  There’s a shop just at the metro entrance, so i stocked up salami + baguette + tomatoes + pears + chocolate, then headed over to my host. All food went to fridge. This was my dinner instead:

homemade phở

all is set. am excited about tomorrow. alcina at 7pm. will be in line at 3.30pm, 4 top layers, 2 bottom layers, 2 sock layers, wool hat, gloves. whoohoo. can’t wait.


About thả diều
writing-challenged opera-addict

2 Responses to greetings from vienna

  1. Pho without the basil! Why, anarchy in the Oesterreich!
    Keep us posted.
    (Now I’m dying for a bowl of pho.)

    • thả diều says:

      ah, this is pho from the North, very simple and no basil :-). I was told during tough time, there was just broth and noodles. now i off to write a blog of “Alcina” premiere

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