is it possible to feel that a 4-hour opera is too short??  the 2nd round was immensely satisfying.  i was drowning (happily) in the music.  i had time now to really immerse myself in each aria to the fullest.  In between, the orchestra fill you in, express the mood of the characters, the turmoil, the joy, the uncertainties. It’s really true everything is in the music, you just need the right instruments to bring it out. This is actually a Frau K’s quote, that all emotions are written in the music, and sometimes the words are not necessary what you should entirely rely on. Let me say though, it is a crime for any woman to abandon anja harteros alcina.

got there at 2.50pm and i was 10th in line.  i can’t say enough how GRRRRREAT the view and sound is from the front row of Parterre standing room section at the Wiener Staatsoper!!

view forward and backward from front row Parterre

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