radio rebroadcast of alcina on Ö1

click here, then click on the button as shown below to listen to the rebroadcast of the 20-Nov-2010 “Alcina” from the Wiener Staatsoper. Broadcast remains available until this friday 26-Nov-2010. Thanks to Smorgy for the link.  You can follow along using Italian-English libretto here, or music sheets here.  If you want libretto in a different language, use this link.


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6 Responses to radio rebroadcast of alcina on Ö1

  1. Ooh! Just listening and I do love that Harteros’s soprano isn’t all lightness in Cor mio. There is some heft to it.

    • thả diều says:

      just done capturing Act 1 and 2/3 of Act 2, am now listening to her interview at intermission. CAN’T understand a word, but still looove her voice 😀 . I love it best when she descends at the end of a phrase and merges with the orchestra. i’m interested in your opinion on the recording. there’s just wayy too much beautiful music. took me forever to get pass the aria just before intermission. you might see what i mean when you get there! envision her lying flat on the stage floor the 1st half of that too! Holy smoke, now is a sample of her singing Die Marschallin . Am seriously thinking of flying back from Munich (Gruberova / Kasarova) all the way to San Diego to catch her singing this next April!

      • It is great. I listened till intermission and then that interview took FOREVER… and I didn’t understand a word either. The MC, with his weird whisper and the way he pronounced Alcina as Al-tschina, got on my nerves. I still need to hear the second part after the intermission. What was funny was hearing the sounds of the goings-on on stage, steps, things falling, and not having any idea what was happening. But music was more than enough.

        Can’t you catch both Munich and San Diego? There must be a way to combine both without jet-lagging yourself. But wait: GRUBEROVA will be Giulietta to Kasarova’s Romeo?!!

  2. thả diều says:

    It’s quite interesting for me to listen to all the sounds, because i knew exactly what was happening. very nice! Ms. Cangemi and Ms. Hammarstroem were very well recorded. I appreciate the orchestra MUCH more here. I think it’s just too difficult to do so during the live performance because there’re too many white-shirt (exciting) distractions :-).
    oh how i wish Gruberova would be Giulietta. No, she’s singing in 2 different operas, “LUCREZIA BORGIA ” and “Norma”, with romeo sandwiched in between. then a mad dash to san diego would be a killer. but to hear Anja Harteros and Patrizia Ciofi in the same opera…

  3. So, is Purity right, was the audience ‘full of dykes’? What was the age range? Any of the other singers had a vocal cult following?

    • thả diều says:

      ha, did you see how the backstage episode was full of “i was in a daze staring at this…” and “Purity suddenly spotted that..” ? If you have to rely on my white-shirt-dar then we’re all lost 😉 . my attention was fully on Alcina and Ruggiero, then on Ms. Hammarstroem, Harteros, and VK at backstage (all 5 hours of it). definitely need a training course from Purity at the opera i think.
      Before that, i was stuck in line for 4.5 hr between 2 wonderful people: an older lady from Paris who now lives in the outskirt of Vienna, and who had seen many many VK’s performances, and one young lady from Poland who was in Vienna to study music. We had great conversations about operas.
      The crowd for 20-Nov-2010 performance was most different than all other performances: much younger. They were really flying or taking the train in from elsewhere to attend the event. The first 2 nights were full of people 1 to 2 generations before me (including in standing ticket line).
      Besides Harteros and VK, i didn’t notice any other cult at the backstage entrance 🙂

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