la clemenza di tito–currently playing

at vivalavoce, click here (for window media player) or here (for vlc, winamp) to listen in

Fri Dec 03, 2010, at 5PM Pacific Time, 8PM Eastern Standard time, 1AM (nextday) UK time, 2AM Central Europe time

December 3
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: La Clemenza di Tito

Anthony Rolfe Johnson (tenor) [Tito Vespasiano] | Julia Varady (soprano) [Vitellia] | Sylvia McNair [Servilia] | Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano) [Sesto] | Catherine Robbin [Annio] | Cornelius Hauptmann (bass) [Publio] | The Monteverdi Choir | The English Baroque Soloists | John Eliot Gardiner (conductor)


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49 Responses to la clemenza di tito–currently playing

  1. thả diều says:

    Definitely the Opera says:
    December 3, 2010 at 20:09

    Great moment No. 1: Vittelia (soprano Sylvia McNair I think) has a darker timbre than Sesto (mezzo ASvO).


    @ DtO: ja, i was confused for a moment, was that Vitellia or Sesto? 🙂

  2. I know! It came out from the basso profondo!

  3. thả diều says:

    this is so much faster than the Salzburg version with Frau K and Hannoncourt…, that duet b/t Sesto and Annio zoomed by me

    • The thing zooms even with a slower tempo! There’s a YouTube clip — illegal, of course — with von O as Sesto and Sarah Connolly as Annio, or the other way around. It feels like it lasts 12 seconds.

  4. Oh, it’s not McNair, it’s Julia Varady (I’ll pretend I’m familiar with her work).

    (I love the voice of the late Anthony Rolfe Johnson. He passed earlier this year.)

  5. Ok, it’s Annio-Servilia duettino that just finished.
    D’you want to bother with the libretto? Eccolo:

  6. What is this instrument, clarinet? IT IS BEAUTIFUL, how the voice and the solo instrument dance together.

  7. *wiping tears* I need to own this CD.

  8. thả diều says:

    ok, i have to admit, i still can’t distinguish Sesto and Vittelia voices in this duet… (trying to listen w/o libretto…)

  9. I’m scared sh*tless by Vitellia. I hear Ursula or some such Verdian alto creature whenever she sings.

  10. thả diều says:

    back to the absolutely lovable Tito, who could do bad things to such king

  11. thả diều says:

    now this sounds like love to me, what Publio is expressing…

  12. hahaha I know. but it’s a simple aria that, grazie a Dio, ends quickly.
    here’s annio, but he’s struggling at moments. or maybe he’s supposed to sound like he’s struggling?

  13. Is there a format we can use for future chats that’ll be easier to read later on, that you can scroll down? I’ve seen that in some newspaper website — like its own chat box in the middle of the screen, and you scroll within it… I wonder how difficult it will be to get one on the bloggity blog.

  14. thả diều says:

    and who’s in favor of Sesto’s low note?? (me me)

  15. Tanto affanno soffre un core,
    Né si more di dolor!
    But now there’s this long chunk without Sesto. Let’s see, maybe Annio will get better.

  16. thả diều says:

    sadly there’s no replay button…

  17. i am sooooo getting this CD.

    Meanwhile, check this out: Julia Varady is one of those ‘extended’ sopranos who started as mezzos! (Apparently Maria Callas was too)

  18. Oh my, and she is Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau’s fourth and (one expects) final wife!

  19. Well this was fun! We must do it again! And I am getting that CD, like, yesterday.

  20. thả diều says:

    clap clap clap clap clap clap clap. wonderful recording!!

  21. thả diều says:

    that was fun indeed. until next time!! i’ll look for her on youtube!!

  22. Smorg says:

    Hey, that’s one of my favorite La clemenza di Tito recordings. :oD Love Julia Varady, of course (she’s Fischer-Dieskau’s wife. A wonderful singer and voice actress… and she was a delicious Vitellia!). And Rolfe Johnson is very hard to beat as Tito, too.

  23. thả diều says:

    ja, a very nice recording! at very fast tempo too, i didn’t think you can finish the whole thing in 2 hr flat!
    here it is, i found “the” clip with Julia Varady’s veeeery low notes:

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