alcina @ Paris and Barbican

just putting together a collection of reviews i’ve seen so far (thanks Smorgy for links to Barbican’s reviews).
update 30-Dec-2010: 1 more added for Théatre des Champs Elysées performance
update 09-Dec-2010: 2 more added for Barbican performance, 5 more for Théatre des Champs Elysées performance . use google translator if your french is a bit rusty like mine.

@ Barbican last night,
review 1:

screen capture of review from

review 2

from classical iconoclast blog

review 3 from eyesometric

from eyesometric blog

review 4

review 5

review 6

from intermezzo blog

review 7

from classical bbc proms review

review 8

from newstatesman

(it seems that this reviewer has issue with Kasarova’s “Verdi prati” and “Mi Lusinga il dolce affetto”. I’m sure you can find countless links of her singing both arias on youtube, including one posted by me from vienna, and have a listen for yourself. I find them VERY beautiful. I suppose what some reviewers consider “beautiful” is not what i agree to.)

review 9 ( a very good and informative review)

show me something interesting blog

review 10

some fun tweets from Purity (with opportunity to see that lovely picture again)

that picture…

@ Theatre des Champs Elysees
review from

review 2

from operacake blog

review 3

screen grab of

review 4

review 5

review 6

review 7

singerforallseasons blog

review 8

commentary from Murielle.

in paris

i’ll update this post to add more.


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4 Responses to alcina @ Paris and Barbican

    • thả diều says:

      ja, i saw that one. it reminded me of the comment i heard in vienna that Kristina Hammarstroem sings more beautiful and has what Kasarova doesn’t. Hammarstroem sings very nice, i completely agree (and i like her voice a lot). But to say she sings better than VK? nope. and i was there 3 times .

      It seems these reviewers are looking for very clean and smooth singing, regardless of the dramatic context (the kind i’m hearing now with Orphee on vivalavoce, where he sounds like he’s reading a love poem throughout the opera and i haven’t a clue he’s actually expressing his fear in hell or his pain of seeing Eurydice suffering because he’s refusing to give her a look.)

  1. Smorg says:

    Heh, as one of the paper reviewers says, VK divides the audience like no one else does. 🙂 I note that the praiseful reviews seem quite well tempered and fairly point out the flaws and how they are way overshadowed by how she uses them.

    The ones that didn’t like her performance seem keen on going the extra mile to be nasty about it, though. One dude at the OB even implief that one has to find an excuse to like her (I don’t mind him not liking her performance or calling out her technical irregularities, but this demanding that people who like her way of singing have to justify their enjoyment really grates on me. Just how overly bloated an ego has to be to get that arrogant, ay?).

    So… more kudos to the artists from me. They have to put up with reviewing politics all the time. 🙂 Thanks for all the great posts, An. Hope you’re staying warm up in LA!

    Smorgy 🙂

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