all-mozart concert at ucla

last saturday, I attended an all-mozart gala at ucla, a concert which i’ve marked on my calendar since august and have been anxiously waiting for.

UCLA was truly the place where everything began for me 13 years ago. i was first introduced to classical music and given the first set of mozart cd — the suuuuuperb amadeus soundtrack . That first set (there was a 2nd release) was a 2-CD set, with back-to-back “Kyrie” from Mozart Mass in C minor followed by the first movement of his Sinfornia Concertante for viola and violin at the end of CD 2. I fell in love with both deeply. Through the years, i own 2 complete recordings (for a poor student, 2 sets were a lot) and have attended 5 live performances of the Sinfonia Concertante.  The first live one was here at Royce-hall at UCLA, and i still remember having to pay $24 for the ticket (an enormous amount of money which i barely had).  My ears were still sooo untrained i didn’t know there were 2 instruments duetting from the hundreds of times i listened to the sound track!  It was quite a pleasant surprise at the performance, but instantly upon seeing the intimate interactions between the instruments, i was convinced it’s the perfect gay marriage.  why gay?  Mozart tuned the viola 1/2 a tone up to bring it intimately closer to the violin for their duets.  marriage?  well, i didn’t really believe so much in marriage back then (too hetero for my taste), but i thought if there’s ever a true partnership, it would encompass the emotions expressed between these two instruments.

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