joyce didonato live

on Radio Classica from Teatro Real, Madrid, Spain.  Head here for full info and radio link (thanks Anik).

What: Richard Strauss–Der Rosenkavalier
When: Tuesday 14-Dec-2010, 7pm GMT+1, 10AM PST, 1PM EST
Who: Joyce diDonato
libretto: german, english (piano score + german and english)


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33 Responses to joyce didonato live

  1. Have you checked whether ENO site has anything? They always perform it in English, they should put some resources on their site.

  2. it’s all Flash and it’s driving me insane.

    In a way I’m not surprised that we can’t find the English libretto — I read that the language used in DR is very peculiar. Says the Grove Book of Operas: “For this imagined world, Hofmannsthal confabulated a marvellous, untranslatable lingo out of Viennese and provincial dialects, frenchified gentility and earthy idioms, antique formal address and pure linguistic fantasy.”

    • thả diều says:

      found one at indiana university, hope that’ll work for some people. i have seen it b4, so luckily i won’t be following libretto (right in middle of work day), but will happily follow along listening.
      Re flash: yes, super HATE, the cause of much computer crashes these days on mac and linux. if u’d like another live session we can run it here, and i prefer this low-tech comment thing: cumbersome to track but simple and work and no send my laptop crashing 🙂

  3. Why don’t I like it!? It’s like the two have been screaming at each other since the first note. In particular the Marschallin sounds like a long stream of ugly reproach. What is wrong with me? Maybe it’s the sound.

    (Yes we all know the plot, but I love following word for word… But now that I’ve heard them, I don’t know if I do anymore…)

  4. Imma do some yoga stretches and hope they get less painful as the opera progresses. I don’t remember what this tenor voice was doing in the opera. Something to do with von Ochs.

  5. thả diều says:

    am on different speakers, Och is my new favorite character now

  6. puritymccall says:

    Hmm, only managed to catch a wee bit between various work and kid related rushing around and have to say am with you on not liking it at all.. think the screeching was the recording but the effect amplified (scuse the pun) bythe orchestra which did seem to be awfully loud… seems to be the norm these days, god knows how singers survive!! Refreshed my ears with some Kleiber/Fassbaender classic moments on YT, much easier on the ear (and the eye truth be told).

    (PS Sighs… isn’t Bonney the perfect Sophie!)

  7. thả diều says:

    amazingly, i listened to the end, with volume tuned down very low. the music in the end is of course so wonderful. am not big fan of the voices (at least the ones i heard via radio)…

  8. That’s exactly why I took refuge to YT — to wash away the unpleasantness.

    Ah Barbara Bonney… I thought about why she is such a perfect Sofie. It’s not only the soubrette crystalline voice with those effortless high pianissimos… it’s how eagerly she surrenders herself to Oktavian. There is something about her helpless falling into Oktavian’s arms that gets me every time.

    • thả diều says:

      yes yes, i’m beginning to see now… time for me to get my hands on these several recordings with Barbara Bonney… i suspect my new school’s music library should have all

    • Eyesometric says:

      Couldn’t agree more about BB being the definitive Sophie in every way. My introduction to Rosenkavalier was the 1985 ROH video with Kleiber & I’ve been BB besotted ever since. The final duet with von Otter is my favourite but I still love Dame Kiri as Marchellin.
      Ideal trio? …. Bonney, von Otter, Te Kanawa !

      • puritymccall says:

        You MUST keep October 2011 free then – look out for the Lied und Lyrik Festival in Germany. Think Sound of Music but with BB as JA. And better singing. And music. And even a rather famous Oktavian thereabouts… actually make that two rather famous Oktavian’s (Oktavia?)

      • For a moment of hilarity, find on YT von Otter with Natalie Dessay as Sofie. Dessay is a head shorter, it looks like a giantess cuddling a child… And no sexual chemistry at all.

      • puritymccall says:

        OK white shirts, seriously…. I’ll confess I’m an even bigger BB fan than a VK fan. She is just perfect in every way (and so agree DtC re her ‘Sophie surrender\… which makes her voracious capture of a stunned Garanca in Tito even more thrilling!). She’s singing at Bergerchef’s Bavarian eyrie festival in Oct next year…with Fassbaender *and* von O also in attendance! Not on ame bill – too much to hope for a little late night jam session fun with BD and ASvO duking it out for the hand of BB – but it will be a chance to see these amazing singers, all three, in one fell swoop, and really there likely won’t be many more chances for this… A real event and handy for Munich, Vienna, Cologne, Frankfurt and Zurich if you want to combine with some other opera going and make a Grand Tour of it.

      • And I just had a friend who toured Germany with the band Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People and his favourite place he visited, he sez, is Coburg. Usually an un-romantic chap, he rhapsodized about Coburg.

      • thả diều says:

        @all: i searched around but no info on Lied und Lyrik Festival yet… will keep an eye on schedules and combine. after all, that’s a great area to visit, and i do have a few friends i could make use of :-D. i was even offered a car, as long as i can drive myself (eeks, stick-shift?!, w/ signs in funny language!)

        Meanwhile, it seems i should educate myself with ms Bonney superb singing and acting skill.. i confess i’ve not seen her in any other opera except the one where she got impatient w/ Garanca’s indecision…

        @DtO: i think it’s “Oktavian” with a “k” because the german seems to love “k”. am not sure about sofie, but we vietnamese solve that problem by getting rid off the letter “f” in our alphabet since it’s redundant with “ph” 🙂

  9. I never know whether it’s Oktavian and Sofie or Octavian and Sophie. They are known under both. They have multinational lives and spellings!

  10. puritymccall says:

    Thadieu how jealous am I you are about to enter a period of BB immersion! I have seen her many times over the years, live she is just so charming and her voice is just so incredibly… sweet is not the word, though it gets used, when I think of her voice I think less dessert wine and more a really really good cognac, tangy, sweet and sharp, rich, creamy and layered, but with a kick, and hidden depths. And it has aged beautifully though in our youth obsessed era I guess that is not always appreciated, but she always struck me as a really thoughtful performer and as she got older that deep engagement with the music seemed to shine through even when the voice by ‘pure’ standards, had lost a little flexibility.

    I think her Sophie is spectacular but I think I love her most in Mozart. That said I think the thing I listened to most over the years has been her early music album the Fairest Isle…

    • thả diều says:

      my new university has 26 items under ms Bonney’s name! 😀
      Lieder / Franz Schubert | La clemenza di Tito Salzburger Festspiele 2003 | Dvořák und seine Zeit | Franz Xaver Mozart | Les Boréades Jean Philippe Rameau | A German requiem Brahms | Songs / André Previn | Der Rosenkavalier 2001 | Stabat Mater–Pergolesi p1999 | Lieder / Robert & Clara Schumann | Stabat Mater – Haydn p1995 | Szenen aus Goethes Faust / Robert Schumann | Der Rosenkavalier p1994 | The secular solo songs of Henry Purcell | Canto sospeso | Die Jahreszeiten p1992 | Mozart Requiem + Mass p1991 | Don Giovanni p1990 | Bach Matthäus-Passion p1989 | Bach Das Kantatenwerk, Folge 45 | Lieder / Alexander Zemlinsky | Le nozze di Figaro p1988 | Peer Gynt p1987 |

      but not the one you mentioned above! i was told we could request this from the library and they’d consider buying :-). all this is for after mid-Jan of course, that’s when i’ll be on the other side of this country. for now, i confess i’ll be spending more time w/ nephews and nieces and boxing up my things. there’s always youtube during waiting time.

      somehow i have Miss Jean Brodie’s line in my head when it comes to developing my music taste… “Little girl, I am in the business of putting old heads on young shoulders, and all my pupils are the creme de la creme. Give me a girl at an impressionable age, and she is mine for life!”

      edit: wow, 50+ items under ASvO, 35 under Fassbaender… that’s settled then, i’ll live on library recordings and save up money for europe tours

      • THE SECULAR SONGS OF PURCELL! Sorry to yell, but you must get that. I must get that too. ASvO has a CD called Lamenti, which contains some of those songs (Incassum, Lesbia, for instance, which KILLED ME), and then I find BB’s larger collection… I spent the afternoon by the CD player in the library. It’s an incredible CD.

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