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view of charles river from office

A few things happened over the weekend, I booked my 1-way flight tix out of LA, sold my car (a quite worrisome experience), found a new home for the family cat, the process has begun. A friend mentioned she was a bit sad seeing my “1-way” message. It somehow reminded me of a somewhat (un)related time i had in Boston. Boston is an interesting city, people come and go in flux. A long time ago, i fell head over heel in love with a woman there. We introduced ourselves at the top of the mountain after 5 hrs hiking, and the following few months, whenever i showed up for a free classical music concert at the New England Conservatory, she was there! So naturally we became good friends (until this day, i attended her wedding just this past summer). A couple of days before leaving Boston to go back to her country, she suggested that since we had similar taste of music, i might like “this”, and loaned me a 3-cd box set of vocal music. “You can keep it until when you come to visit me”, she said. Before that, my only exposure to that genre was Beethoven #9 Choral and some extracts from the Amadeus soundtrack. Have you ever been hooked to a very long piece of music after only listening to 1 extract? On a very cold winter sunday morning, I brought the cd-box to the office, took out 1 random cd, and this came up

through the years, we didn’t get to go to too many concerts together anymore, but we did manage one time attending the Matthäuspassion in an old church in europe, a memory i won’t forget. here’s a couple more tracks from that same cd-box:

a discovery for me during the live performance:

her favorite track, sung by one of her favorite singers (she took me to his master class once, another unforgettable experience):

Sometimes i wonder if i fell in love with the music because of her, or the other way around. but it doesn’t matter really, as long as you love for the right reason, life is good.


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13 Responses to random thoughts…

  1. Eyesometric says:

    What about if you love for the “wrong” reason ?

    Thank you for a thought-provoking post.
    I love the Elliot Gardiner reading with ( you guessed it ! ) Bonney and von Otter.

    “a few things happened ” sounds a huge understatement – good luck for the rest of the things you have to do for your 1 way trip.

    • thả diều says:

      “What about if you love for the “wrong” reason ?”

      nothing i supposed? 🙂 right and wrong is rather subjective. it seems in my rather inexperienced life so far, you might end up with “dis-like by association” if you love some thing/one for the wrong reason. imagine what could happen to my passion for opera after seeing Frau K backstage IF it turned out my “true” love for opera was actually just a fascination for (the fantastic) frau K looks in trousers… 😀

  2. First off, welcome to the east side, whenever you arrive. It’ll be fantastic — and you can even go to the Met from Boston, and to Toronto, for example, for the Pieczonka-Coote-Archibald Ariadne in April. And next time ASvO performs with the BSO, I can go there.

    Second: did anything happen with your woman, or was she oblivious to everything and thought it was a regular friendship? [I ask because I have some first-hand experience with the said situation, ahem…]

    • thả diều says:

      Pieczonka-Coote-Archibald Ariadne in April, when?? but it can’t be coinciding with Frau K’s romeo in Munich? why all of the sudden all opera houses have GREAT stuff in april of next year?!

      ah, perhaps she was oblivious until the point when i asked her out :-). long story short, she said no, and we remain very good friends despite the distance and almost no time to talk. everytime i see her again, we can just pick up with great conversations as if we haven’t missed a beat. truly a great friendship.

      • It plays for the most of May: http://www.coc.ca/PerformancesAndTickets/1011Season/AriadneAufNaxos.aspx so let’s plan an outing for when you return from Deutschland. You have my email thanks to the comments sign-up and I have yours too. Dying to see Alice Coote as Komponist, and Pieczonka as Ariadne, and to see if La Archibald really has it.

        I’ll pester some other White Shirts to make the trip, you can count on that.

      • thả diều says:

        oh, perhaps we can combine fri-sun May 27-29 ws event w/ Orfeo on May 28 (a counter tentor, grrr, but still, i haven’t seen it live ever..) . and a nice opportunity for me to visit toronto on top of it!

        and what happened to those first-hand experiences 😉

      • Yes, let’s put this in our calendars to reserve that time. I was so upset over the countertenor being cast as Orfeo that I planned to boycott, but I’ll probably wobble in this decision.

        I’ll give you all the details about my Straight Girl Crush history over a glass of something.

        Meanwhile, I want to know what Eyesometric meant by the love for the wrong reasons. Eyes? I’d love to hear about it.

    • thả diều says:

      before i jot down the dates, might your couch be available to a ws traveler?

  3. Eyesometric says:

    I guess I was just flipping the coin …. Right/wrong, good/bad. How many kinds of love are there? Are they all valid? Does it matter who or what you love? especially if it is the one-sided kind. Is it better to feel something rather than nothing?
    Answers on a postcard please to Eyes, ( the one who is rubbish with words ) UK.

  4. Eyesometric says:

    Kaffeeklatch in May sounds wonderful but personal circumstance prevents travel. I will look forward to some exciting reports and any solutions you come up with!

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