(more) alcina on vivalavoce

if you’re not tired already, alcina is currently on vivalavoce:

What’s playing now
December 21, 5pm PST, 8pm EST
George Frideric Handel
Renée Fleming (soprano) [Alcina] | Susan Graham [Ruggiero] | Natalie Dessay (soprano) [Morgana] | Kathleen Kuhlmann [Bradamante] | Timothy Robsinson [Oronte] | Maouri Laurent [Melisso] | Juanita Lascarro [Oberto] | Les Arts Florissants | William Christie (conductor)


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2 Responses to (more) alcina on vivalavoce

  1. thả diều says:

    hmm, this Ruggiero sounds like he’s taking a stroll in the park while singing “Di te mi rido” to Bradamante. This reminded me why I never managed to finish this last time it was on vivalavoce…

  2. dehggial says:

    Yea, Graham was a really poor Ruggiero here. Either she couldn’t connect with the character or Christie told her god knows what about how she should sound (possibly the second, considering the blandness across the board). I see most of the Amazon glowing reviews are from around 2000 but even then I don’t know how someone could give this 5 stars… It’s like Auger/Hickox one simply didn’t exit, it was either this or the Sutherland one.

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