fine rain and singing

shot just earlier when i was walking in to work from the parking lot. “clunk clunk” sound is from rocks moving underneath.

Music: Melinda Paulsen singing Rossini’s Tancredi aria (sadly because of this, it’s again blocked in Germany)
Tu che i miseri conforti,
cara, amabile speranza,
deh, tu porgi a lei costanza,
nel suo barbaro dolor.
Un raggio sereno
di placida calma,
ah brilli in quel seno,
consoli quell’alma,
fra dolci diletti
respiri il suo cor

This is what the creek looks like normally:

arroyo seco in winter

We have plenty of wild animals here, though luckily I’ve not yet ran across the guy above on my way back to the car…

Back to the music, I really like Melinda Paulsen’s voice. Her Isaura is the best of the 3 complete recordings I’ve heard of Tancredi (Podles, Kasarova, Horne). Her information is not readily available on the internet, nor her recordings on youtube. Here‘s the first piece I’ve noticed her in, when she rises up above the chorus, just very nice. There’re so many singers I don’t know about whose voices are simply wonderful. I’m still in search on youtube for Romina Basso’s in this performance. Too bad at that time (or even now), i haven’t figured out how to capture video recording…

Here’s another singer who i discovered via vivalavoce, Julia Varady. She’s featured again tomorrow on vivalavoce full opera (speaking of full opera, Eve Queler is now conducting Massenet’s Le Cid). But back to Varady, here’s a very very nice Vitellia:


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