mozart for the day

after a long fun weekend with an over-dose of kids, i back in the office today. super quiet, just as i like it. music is blasting all around.  I’ve been feeling quite mozart-y this last few days thanks to a couple of full operas i just managed to get my hands on:

Arbate: Christine Weidinger
Aspasia: Arleen Augér
Sifare: Edita Gruberova
Farnace: Agnes Baltsa,
Ismene: Ileana Cotrubas,
Mitridate: Werner Hollweg
Marzio: David Kuebler
Conductor: Leopold Hager
Orchestra/Ensemble: Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra


Here’s the 1st sample, in the form of Arleen Auger and Gruberova:

while reading reviews on the above recording, i also ran across another recording with Kristina Hammarström that is recommended just because of her Farnace:

and last but not least, doesn’t she have a recording of this role???

On to the 2nd recording:

Idomeneo — 2006 Salzburg Festival,
Idomeneo – Ramón Vargas
Idamante – Magdalena Kozená
Ilia – Ekaterina Siurina
Elektra – Anja Harteros
Arbace – Jeffrey Francis
High Priest of Neptune – Robin Leggate
Voice of Neptune – Günther Groissböck




Idamante’s singing:

Elektra’s singing: (and I’d like to know the name of the bonehead who gave Ms Harteros no room to breath with that !@#$!@ dress!)

feeling white-shirtily happy…

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7 Responses to mozart for the day

  1. Uh.

    Is it me, or Kozena can’t act to save her life? What clumsiness, what plethora of useless gestures. Harteros is good in every way, but isn’t Elettra supposed to be a raving loonie in this opera? Did you manage to see it all?

    I am intrigued enough to consider buying the Deev.

    • thả diều says:

      no I haven’t finished it yet, still trying to maneuver it w/ french subtitles while working. But i thought Kozena was quite good at being neurotic. It seems everyone in the production is neurotic. Have you seen this clip for example. that one guy looks like Gary Oldman in “The fifth element”. w/ japanese subtitles, i can only guess Elektra is a mad woman…

      • I will check it out as soon as I am back home — writing this from a B & B in Montreal.

      • Ha, yes, there’s a Gary Oldman-lookalike in that video. But what I still don’t get is Kozena as Idamante. When I saw the pictures several moons ago I thought there were going for the Tilda Swinton look, but Kozena in action is anything but. Or rather, nothing at all.

        As for the set and costumes — I wonder if they wanted to play with some elements of the Japanese Noh Theatre. ( Do they say anything about the reasons behind some of the choices in the dvd liner notes?

    • Smorg says:

      I confess I don’t like Kozena’s Idamante much in this production (though s/he gets better if I don’t look at the screen and just listen). Elettra is indeed batty, but instead of being one-dimensionally batty the way she is often portray, Harteros gives her a lot of caring pathos… It’s great, I think. It makes the end where she really goes wacky quite more dramatically hair-raising.

      I love the staging (though I suspect traditionalists will tend to dismiss it as Eurotrash. I think it interestingly conceptualized and the minimal effects work really well. You get what they are meant to represent without being distracted away from the characters… though sometimes I’d very much like to get distracted away from Idamante (he just seems so wimpy and neurotic without any hint of manliness for me 😦 ) And that Ramon Vargas is a much better actor here than I usually give him credit for, and he makes minced meat of that hideously difficult Munich version of ‘Fuor del mar’! If you don’t mind conceptual minimalistic staging, go for this DVD. A good buy!

  2. thả diều says:

    so, i did finish Idomeneo. it’s actually not as crazy as it looks from the few selective clips on youtube. i’m afraid i won’t be able to tell you much about the set and costumes DtO, because the “version” i have didn’t come with liner notes ;-). also, i listened to it w/o reading the french subtitles much, so still don’t really know the finer details. funny thing about listening to a couple of mozart’s operas at the same time is i keep getting them mixed up :-D. blame it on the boxing process.

  3. thả diều says:

    ah, DtO, found a review you were asking for since last year :-), which has an accompanied clip that sounds very soothing while i reading manuals of broken lines

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