more random news (and happy new year!)

rose parade 2009

madness has already started on colorado street in Pasadena in preparation for the rose parade tomorrow. Living 1 minute away, i have the luxury of just walking out and see tens of thousands of people camping on the streets. Some friends from work got there early today and blocked out a space. i was invited to put a couple of chairs down. 2 sisters (+ husbands) + 3 little kids are coming tonight. tomorrow some time between 8-8.30am, hopefully we’ll wake up and push the kids out to see the parade. lots of pictures to come soon. tonight, our plan is to mingle the streets and watch people cooking, eating, playing games outside in BRRRR weather.


meanwhile, my goal of the day (while waiting for babies and sisters to arrive) is to finish boxing 2 bicycles. even more ambitious is the plan to move everything BIG out of this tiny studio by sunday. the space is getting super tight, the poor cat is hopping between boxes like maneuvering the jungle.


we don’t really celebrate this particular new year.  for us vietnamese (or at least for me), lunar new year has more meaning.  but to the rest of the world, happy new year everyone!

back to packing for me.  and the clip that got me all started with frau K madness in 2010.

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4 Responses to more random news (and happy new year!)

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Greetings for 2011 thả diều.
    I still didn’t get the hang of the Vietnamese characters so I copy & paste your name now. Good luck with the boxing – it looks really complicated. When is your lunar new year?

    • thả diều says:

      happy new year to you too Eyes!
      our lunar new year is Feb 3 this year. I just saw a new moon couple of nights ago. The next new moon is new year. We don’t do much here because noone gets days off, but back when i was still in vietnam, we got 2 weeks off to do nothing but eat and celebrate 🙂

      about vietnamese font, it’s actually easier than it looks. i’ve include a figure to show you the details. all characters you should have on your keyboard: ? = question mark, ` = accent grave (in french), ^ = hat 🙂

      i got everything except the bit about creating slack for the gear cables, might just ship w/o slacks, we’ll see what will become of the bikes when they get there 🙂

  2. Eyesometric says:

    Two weeks off to celebrate sounds wonderful!

    Thank you for the help with the font – the only question I have now is .. should your “name ” have a capital letter or not? I’m trying to get it right on my blog links. The new additions to your side bar are excellent.

    I think you are very brave to be tacking a major move soon – have you made many moves? I have done quite a few but only in the restricted area of UK.

    • thả diều says:

      ah, i’m glad to hear vietnamese font finally works for you! i think the name is great as i have it above, non-capitalized. it can be abbreviated as td which is what i do normally when i refer to myself while talking to others.

      about moving, alas, i’ve done waaay too many, though all w/in the US. in 2009 alone, i moved 3 times! (you could blame it on the economy, i was sharing and roommates kept losing jobs and moving away and i didn’t want to bother with looking for new roommates… finally i had enough and got my own flat) . big moves across the US, this is my 3rd one. both moves east are to boston. interestingly, i’m now packing the exact things i packed for my move from boston back to LA 4 years ago. the goal is the shed 5 boxes of notes/papers/thesis via scanning+saving-on-hard-drive technique, we’ll see how that goes :-).

      about the sidebar, i’m most proud of the clocks! took me a long time searching before i found some tips on how to handle flash. i dislike flash, but in this case, it’s always nice to know what time it is in London/Paris/Hanoi immediately without cranking the brain converting :-). if you’d like the clocks let me know. you can choose time anywhere in the world.

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