reminder kasarova on bbc radio 3

if you can *somehow* take a break from alcina, head here to Eye’s place for full info on today/tomorrow’s program. can’t wait. super excited… here’s a slide-show of the production from bbc website.
libretto in Italian, English (still looking)
Summary of time and place:

5PM Los Angeles
8PM East coast standard
bbc radio 3

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2 Responses to reminder kasarova on bbc radio 3

  1. Eyesometric says:

    How come I missed that slideshow? Very remiss of me. That Contessa looks like one scarey lady!

    • thả diều says:

      oh, i found the slide show on a 2-yr-old bbc radio 3 link when they first broadcasted it live. act 1 is now on 3rd round repeat here, rossini is great for late night paper editing :-). i’ll say it again, she (VK) has a very unique voice! the kind that makes me stop working to just listen! she only has 1 aria in act 1 though. you know, that contessa has a strange voice, i’m not quite yet a fan… (wait, is the contessa the 2nd mezzo? that’s who i mean…, she comes in around 1hr10min)

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