vivica genaux sings Händel in Wien

thanks to alert from fitzfulke over at Anik’s:

when: Sat Jan 15, 2011, 19h30 (Wien), 18h30 (London), 13h30 (EST), 10h30 (PST)
what: Händel: “Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno”
where: Großen Konzerthaussaal in Wien
who: (see pix above)
channel: Ö1

it’s same time with La Traviata from the MET, here‘s info. Luckily for us, both can be listened to on the net for 7 days after Saturday.


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7 Responses to vivica genaux sings Händel in Wien

  1. Oh, I’m glad I can leave the Met’s torturous Traviata now.

    • thả diều says:

      well, just woke up! must be sara mingardo’s voice i’m hearing. like her voice too! last year, there was a video recording of this at the early music festival in Beaunne with Romina Basso and Renata Pokupic, soo nice. i regret not capturing it somehow…
      why? what happened at the MET ?

      • I tuned in to hear Poplavskaya, the most talked about rising star at the Met in recent years, massacring Che strano & Sempre libera. I, no expert on Verdi, could even notice a number of notes simply shaved off. “I’ll sing to this point, and the rest I can’t be bothered” kind of sound.

        Terrible. Polenzani is great, but I’m not listening La Traviata for the male lead.

        Ohh, here’s Voglio tempo, neat.

      • thả diều says:

        yay, just got back in with Genaux singing… this fast aria, let me look for name somewhere…

        oh, didn’t Poplavskaya also sing Don Carlo a few weeks ago? a friend told me it was the *best* Don Carlo she has ever seen…
        you know, with a MET production, i’m curious what she’s doing when she sings, they could be carrying her around on her back even… Garanca was flat on her back on top of male dancers when she sang the gypsy song (or might be habanera…) in Carmen last year, and when you listen to the audio only recording, it sounds also like she was quite shallow in expression.

      • thả diều says:

        found it, it’s called Come nembo . time for me to replay the whole thing now to hear it properly in 1 hopefully uninterupting run

      • Hmm… Valid point, but still. You can’t just suddenly decide you’ll phone in the most important aria of the whole opera.

  2. Myth-making in action: Gay Talese follows Popsy around and writes the profile for the New Yorker. Killer publicity, if you can get it:

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