how do you say farewell?

how indeed? it’s been a bit of an emotional weekend for me. i’ve been so wrapped up in packing and scanning and work, it finally hit me that i won’t see my loved ones for a while. mom was quite emotional on the phone, i hope to see her at least one more time. oldest sister came by with the kids to take me to dinner. was soo great, i do like kids a lot, especially when they reach the curious age and you can explain things to them (like where beef shanks come from, why dead chickens at the meat counter have no blood 🙂 ). was very interesting to find out they didn’t realize my sister and I are sisters, and that we have the same mom! older sister came by tonight and packed the kitchen stuff. soo fun to pack with sisters. conversations involved: what’s this? you want it packed? no, you want it? yes/no/toss! before that, 2 great friends came by to reinforce the bike boxes before we sealed them off. will miss my family greatly. but even more, i’ll miss the little kids, esp. my cute nephew who was soo similar to me when i was his age!  i mean how can I not have great feeling when the little guy smiles widely and tells people he lives at my place! (he doesn’t)

so, how do you really say farewell? we’re raised to keep our emotion inside.  hugging is quite a strange thing in my family.  with friends i’m getting better at it.  anyhow, it always reminds of this scene from my favorite version of Jane Eyre:  (if you want full scene, start at minute 4.35 , the farewell scene is at 8.35)

back to packing. goal for the night: finish 90% of packing + finish 2nd draft of paper.  what music should i be listening to? such strange and mixed feelings…


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6 Responses to how do you say farewell?

  1. Eyesometric says:

    The outwardly controlled emotional state sounds very familiar as does the non-tactile relationships within the family. Sharing hugs with friends does get easier – although it has taken me many years and there is still room for improvement ( British reserve ! ) Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if we were all like your “little guy” ?

    Listen to whatever feels right – connection with music can help us so much.

    Kind thoughts from over the pond and good luck ….. ” The day you decide to DO is your lucky day”
    Japanese proverb.

  2. puritymccall says:

    So hard, especially with kids, I guess you just have to focus on the next time you say hello…

    And thank god for the interwebz… life is SO much easier with social media and Skype and videocalls. I’m off on a work trip soon to somewhere with unreliable and frequently no internet access and I have to say that though it’s only 6 days, it seems like forever knowing I won’t be able to jump on the net whenever I feel like it and see my loved ones.

    Ah hugging – I still remember the day my mother pushed me away and told me I was ‘too old for hugs’… British reserve indeed eyes. I treasure every hug with my kids.

    Good luck with the packing, and the taking leave, maybe schedulig in those first few opera trips will compensate? (PS Still hoping to catch you in Munich at Easter… am having severe VK withdrawls after seeing the Alcina clips… to say nothing of needing a good beer and a real pretzel!).

  3. Eastern Standard Time zone is welcoming you with open arms!

  4. Smorg says:

    I think it was Birgit Nilsson who intentionally sang her final performance at a major house on the next to last of her scheduled show… and then canceled the last show (she had alerted her understudy before hand, so the house won’t have problem replacing her) because she didn’t like to say good bye. 🙂 So she said ‘Auf wiedersehen (see you later)’ instead of ‘Leb’ wohl (good bye)’.

    We will miss you here in Southern California, matie! But hopefully will never lose touch thanks to the Internet. Good journey and see you later! 🙂

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