schiavone won!

am i a bit slow or is that Schiavone’s girlfriend in her box?  jetblue provided live sports among other things for entertainment, so instead of sleeping, i spent 1/2 the time of my overnight flight watching this record-setting (in length) match between Schiavone and Kuznetsova:

joined the match at 10-10 in 3rd set, just when Schiavone was being tended by her trainer and nicely put her palm on the trainer’s cheek as they exchanged tender + soft smiles.  you can watch the rest in speed-up mode in clip above.  feel sad for Kuznetsova… but i now like Schiavone very much 😀 . need to hunt down the clip of her french 2010 final match at some point…

apartment search is going slow, but i managed to sort out my musical schedule until june 2011 (on the right panel).  highlights include the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin and Rameau’s Les Indes Galantes.  all performances are at the NEC, which is another reason to find an apartment with easy access to this absolutely fabulous school.

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4 Responses to schiavone won!

  1. Which woman is her gf, the blonde or the brunette? That box was full of women.

    • Eyesometric says:

      A box full of women ? Will it go in the post ? 😉

      • thả diều says:

        ha, i thought the brunette, the one closer to the camera? the clip is gone, and even more sad is Schiavone losing in the next round. someone commenting on the tennis site has a point: perhaps these 3rd set marathons should only happen during finals, else the player who advances is also handicapped in the next round. will dig up her french open final clip last year though, may be we can see more of the brunette ;-), as well as schiavone flexing muscles.
        but then i’m confused, she was very tendered to the trainer too! harem indeed.

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