is sometimes everything.  i was so discouraged and beat by the super expensive dumpsters (bulls**t as my friend called it) i’ve seen when little sister dropped in: “what about this?” she said casually.  less than 24 hr later, after 2 extended visits, the first for 1 hr beginning at 9.30pm, and the 2nd from 10am-1.30pm, all is set.  got an amazing apartment sharing with a former united nation german ambassador representative to some 34 countries in S. America, Asia and europe.  she’s now retired from her post and is teaching at both Harvard and in Hanover.  and we both love ballroom dancing, being part of the team from the same school (and even comparing dancing shoes, if you can believe). lots of minor super nice details such as apartment has a bicycle garage, she’s only here part-time so i get the whole condo to myself, etc.  But the best part: location!  simply amazing.  walking distance to school, bus right outside door to the NEC and symphony hall (and school), train to airport and everywhere, safe neighborhood. just simply amazing.  This one is of course all to little sister’s credit, which is why she has an open invitation to come ANYTIME** (**package includes the cute little kid in picture above.) 
[Update: all sisters and their “packages” are welcome! remember to arrive between May20-Dec31 to take advantage of the free-full-room + swimming pool deal 😉 ]
Meanwhile, i was told 3 months ago that my office would be on the “wrong” side of the river, only to show up to _this_ view from the office

frozen Charles river with snow cover

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