approaching 1 wk

in boston. felt like a very long week. i’ll move in officially to the new apartment tomorrow. will be unpacking to tosca probably. some random thoughts:
sooo glad to be able to walk home. what a wonderful feeling. i’m beyond happy to not have a car. every time walking to the apartment, i am alive with a true belonging feeling. how is this move compared to my first move here or my move back to LA? i think every move has the same structure where the first couple of years you can be a bit lost and lonely with no friend base. it took me 2 years to make more than 3 friends my first time in Boston. Of course you have to take into account the fact that i slept in my office the first 2 years of school and didn’t know where the Boston Harbor was :-D. i missed my friend greatly on my move to LA mainly because LA was so spread-out, so on top of the fact of missing friend, i also felt i was lost in the city. This time around? all friends had left already (that’s what people do here in Boston after they finish school). Read more of this post