$@%*&(* separation

am clearly not in a good mood this noon.  #@!#$(*& old work place totally disconnects me from all access, including access to all my work, @#$*(&?$# .  If you are at a university, when you change job, they give you 1/2 a year to 1 year to access your account.  I mean OF COURSE we need access, it’s the work we’ve been doing the last few years!!  what the hell they think i was doing that can be so easily transferred over and be disconnected in 1 day/week???  grrrrrrr .  Actually the problem emerged 2 days before I left, suddenly appeared in the mailbox was a separation email: “we are now separating you, all your (&#*$% privileges will be lost, your email will abruptly end in 2 days.”   WTF!  I haven’t started at the new place, I don’t have an official email address set up, no computers.  what about all my work???  “Well, you know, it’s our policy.  We can file some paperwork to give you remote access , but it’ll have to go under review, and will take time.”  Review of what??? I have access now, and in 2 days, you will have to do a complete background check on me again?  And of course I had to sign that damn piece of paper a few years back allowing them to probe freely into my private life (with a judge order I might add), all in the name of lame national security.  That’s 200% overhead for you dear US citizens and residents, your hard-earned tax money at work.

Anyhow, the bottom line is, whatever damn policy is in place, clearly they expect me to just file my nails every day at work.  This way when I’m done with and ready for separation, I can just pack my nail gears and leave, no need to gain re-access!  How can any respectable (and it’s supposedly one) institution expect people to collaborate if their people only have 1 week to inform ALL their collaborators of a contact change?  And how unprofessional is it that I have to give my colleagues my YAHOO personal email account for contact?  And to inform them “oh, sorry, i can’t work on our paper for the next ____ time period because I temporarily don’t have access to the data.”

Anyhow, a day trekking in the mud with jeans soaking wet clearly didn’t help my mood.  And now I can’t access anything for a while.  time to get a hot chocolate perhaps, if there’s one…

But i did have a very pleasant evening last night listening to Beethoven at the NEC.  The highlight for me was the 2nd movement of his Sonata #3 for violin and piano.  All players for the evening are students at the NEC in a special class, and they’re performing all 10 sonatas within 3 days.  The violin player for this particular piece truly captured all my attention during the slow movement.  I liked her way of playing better than what’s expressed in this youtube clip here.  However, have a listen, it’s really beautiful

If you’d like the whole thing, here’s clip1, clip2 (above), clip3.


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5 Responses to $@5*&(* separation

  1. Eyesometric says:

    You poor soul! I should reach for that hot chocolate and put on Ah! mio cor. 🙂
    Glad you were able to brave the snow and get to the concert and pleased for you that it was good. Hope Life ****¥^€~ well improves!

  2. thả diều says:

    thanks Eyes. i’m so glad i didn’t miss new year! time for a post! 🙂

  3. …and no matter how angry you are, you are still discreet enough NOT to mention the university name. Well played.

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