feb 2011 hightlights–vivalavoce

it has been a while since i posted highlights from vivalavoce. being on eastcoast time is actually not as optimized for me since there’re tons of live concerts and other things to do in the evening. however, some very cool operas are coming up at this cool radio channel. Here are some highlights including Orpheus and Der Rosenkavalier:

February 6
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Eugen Onegin

Rosemarie Lang [Larina] | Mirella Freni (soprano) [Tatjana] | Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano) [Olga]| Ruthild Engert [Filipjewna] | Thomas Allen (baritone) [Eugen Onegin] | Neil Shicoff [Lenski] | Paata Burchuladze [Fürst Gremin] | Michel Sénéchal (bass) [Triquet] | Jürgen Hartfiel [Ein Hauptmann] | Gunter Emmerlich [Saretzki] | Rundfunkchor Leipzig | Staatskapelle Dresden | James Levine (conductor)

February 7
Claudio Monteverdi: Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria

Dominique Visse [L’Umana Fragilità] | Michael Schopper [Tempo] | Martina Bovet [Amore] | Lorraine Hunt Lieberson (mezzo-soprano) [Fortuna] | Christoph Pregardien (tenor) [Ulisse] | Bernarda Fink (alto) [Penelope] | Christina Högman [Telemaco] | Martyn Hill [Eumete] | Jocelyne Taillon [Ericlea] | Mark Tucker (tenor) [Anfinomo] | David Thomas [Antinoo] | Guy de Mey (tenor) [Iro] | Faridah Subrata [Melanto] | Jörg Dürgmüller [Eurimaco] | Olivier Lallouette [Giove] | Claron McFadden [Giunone] | Francesca Congiu [Naiadi] | Elisabeth Scholl [Nereidi] | Concerto Vocale | René Jacobs (conductor)

February 9
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Dardanus

John Mark Ainsley (tenor) [Dardanus] | Véronique Gens [Iphise] | Maouri Laurent [Anténor] | Mireille Delunsch [Vénus] | Jean-Philippe Courtis [Isménor] | Russell Smythe [Teucer] | Magdalena Kozená [Une Bergère] | Françoise Masset [L’Amour] | Jean-Louis Bindi [Un Phrygien] | Magdalena Kozená [Première Songe] | Alain Lombard (conductor)

[Seconde Songe] | Marcos Pujol [Troisième Songe] | Magdalena Kozená [Première Phrygienne] | Françoise Masset [Seconde Phrygienne] | Chour des Musiciens du Louvre | Les Musiciens de Louvre | Marc Minkowski (conductor)

February 11
Christoph Willibald Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice

Agnes Baltsa (mezzo-soprano) [Orfeo] | Margaret Marshall (soprano) [Euridice] | Edita Gruberova [Amore] | Ambrosian Opera Chorus | Philharmonia Orchestra | Riccardo Muti (conductor)

February 15
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Hippolyte et Aricie

Véronique Gens [Aricie] | Jean-Paul Fouchécourt [Hippolyte] | Bernarda Fink (alto) [Phèdre] | Russell Smythe [Thésée] | Thérèse Feighan [Diane] | Annick Massis [L’Amour] | Maouri Laurent [Pluton/Neptune/Jupiter] | … | Ensemble Vocal Sagittarius [Nymphes de Diane, habitants de la forêt, suivants de l’Amour, prêtresses de Diane, divinités infernales, Trézéniens, matelots, chasseurs et chasseresses, bergers et bergères] | Les musiciens du Louvre | Marc Minkowski (conductor)

February 22
Richard Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf [Die Feldmarschallin] | Otto Edelmann [Der Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau] | Christa Ludwig [Octavian] | Eberhard Wächter [Herr von Faninal] | Teresa Stich-Randall [Sophie] | Ljuba Welitsch [Marianne] | Paul Kuen [Valzacchi] | Kerstin Meyer [Annina] | Nicolai Gedda [Ein Sänger] | Philharmonia Chorus | Loughton High School for Girls & Bancroft’s School | Philharmonia Orchestra | Herbert von Karajan (conductor)


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12 Responses to feb 2011 hightlights–vivalavoce

  1. Ah! I was going to ask you about VivaLaVoce because I couldn’t find their February calendar to save my life. Every link that says “schedule” leads me to their Dec-January. So this is splendid.

    And I LOVE the highlights. Otter is a lovely Olga (“Oh, Tanya! Tanya!”) and to hear her sing in a Slavic language is so rare. Tho’ it’s a small role, I’ll probably tune in. And I forgotten that Mirella Freni was Tanya in that recording.

    The rest looks spectacular! I am getting out the pencil and putting all these on to the calendar on my wall. Wow. If anyone’s around, we should have a chat. Each can host it a different night or something. What a lineup.

  2. Look, on Feb 13, you have Julia Varady, Hildegard Behrens and Sumi Jo in the same Frau ohne Schatten.

    • thả diều says:

      I know, i saw that too. But the last time i listened to Wagner on vivalavoce, i couldn’t quite follow. I have never listened to a full Wagner opera, neither live or on recording (though tanhaeusser with Kasarova and Nina Stemme would have gotten my full attention if it was ever recorded…) also missed the opera in cinema thingy a couple months ago with Nina Stemme and something else Wagner at LA opera b/c i was packing… just need to right time now…

      I plan to tune in for Orpheus and Der R. Tomorrow, would like to but have to see if can make it back in time, a dance class at 5.30pm and the class is known to drag out for several hours!

      • Let us know how the dance is going. (They’re in Strauss, the three crazy sopranos)

      • thả diều says:

        how cool, Eugen Onegin sounds quite nice. must look for synopsis + libretto somewhere…
        dancing was GREAT GREAT fun. found a dance partner yay.

      • A permanent one? Oh do tell. There’s actually a women who doesn’t mind dancing with a woman-leader?

      • thả diều says:

        how do you define permanent? :-). it depends on many times i kept leading her into the bushes. no no, not that kind of bushes. they decorate the lobby where we have lessons with gigantic bushes, and it seems i can’t avoid leading her into one multiple times… This is now the 3rd lesson, we have 4 classes / wk, 2 with amateur coach , 2 with professional coach. every session, i arrived early, browsed my eyes around looking for a potential “free” short woman. u have to be quick of course. typically just before everyone pairs up, if i spot one looking around, i would run right up to her: “do you have a partner?? (no…) would you like to dance with me? i’m learning how to lead.” And i’ve gotten 100% “yes” response so far, i think a big smile is a requirement 😉 . but in the end, she would dance with me if i can lead, it’s as simple as that. and that’s a big if. The one i found today is just right. She’s about my same level, same height, only dances latin, can’t spend endless hours practicing, is looking for a partner! We had a very very good 1.5 hr dancing chachacha. She even asked me afterward if I wanted to pair up with her, hurra :-D. So, some email exchanges later, we’ll see each other again at the next pro lesson, woohoo.

        my feet hurt like hell, several hours on those short heels. cramps everywhere, but in good spirit. dancing is so much fun indeed, so much about balance and good connection. That’s what we had today: no constant loss of balance, very good connection, time to work on our individual steps and geometry together. that’s a big achievement! 😀

        anything else i left out?

        and who’s singing? can’t distinguish any singer. i should really dig up a libretto and synopsis.

      • You smooth charmer, you! That is precisely what I define as permanent! A partner has committed to you VIA EMAIL!

        All I can do is watch and learn…

        (I’m just listening and trying to figure out where the drama is. Tanya needs to be rejected by Onegin after she has the big (long) Letter Aria. Olga has a suitor too, Onegin’s friend, so there are two young-voiced pairs. I noticed Trichet’s aria the other minute, which happens at a party and he courts Tanya with it… I suppose she can’t be married to her older, less loved husband already. I think that happens in the final act. All this to say: I won’t google. I am trying to diminish the presence of google in my communication with others)

  3. Oh here it is, the famous intro to the Ball. Dazzling. This is usually on repeat chez moi.

    • thả diều says:

      and what happened at the ball? am suddenly hit by the lazy bug tonight and resisting googling…

    • Onegin sees Tanya with her husband, realizes he loves her and should never have said No to her, he takes her to a private room and “bares his heart”. She is all grown up and wise and, although obviously still in love with him, says it is too late, she has a husband who loves her, he had his chance, they had a chance, and (very diplomatically, with much Marschallin class) that he blew it for both of them. They part ways.


      • thả diều says:

        thanks for the quick summary! thought that was curtain call already, but now there’s something like a duet b/t 2 female voices. his music sounds so much like his ballets!

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