music for friday

you know you’re an opera fan when you hum “tancredi” in your shower.
the last two days, i hear tancredi wherever i go! so, some repost to start (my) friday:

some different versions:
Vesselina Kasarova and Maureen O’Flynn, with subtitles

, Ewa Podles and Sumi Jo,

onto 2nd duet, this was in my head the whole yesterday. also by far my favorite version: Vesselina Kasarova and Edita Gruberova

some other versions:
Daniella Barcelona and Mariella Devia:

, Ewa Podles & Agnieszka Wolska, Ewa Podles and Sumi Jo, Jennifer Larmore and Hei-Kyung Hong, Vesselina Kasarova and Eva Mei (my guess is it’s again blocked in various part of the world),


About thả diều
writing-challenged opera-addict

4 Responses to music for friday

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    humming along!

    thank you for the music 🙂


  2. Eyesometric says:

    I’m still discovering Tancredi …. slowly does it.
    That’s an amazing photo. Is that still ice? if so, do you expect a thaw any time soon?


    • thả diều says:

      yes Eyes, it’s ice, covering the whole river for the last month+ . it’s been quite warm these days, up to 15C yesterday. i’ve seen ice cracks everywhere, so (sadly) i think within the next few days we’ll see widespread cracks. quite a nice view though, combined with tancredi, and i had a great friday 🙂


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