Handel “Israel in Egypt”, part 2

wow, that was a niiiiice evening! i’m sold now on Handel, anything of his around here, i’ll show up!
before i get started, i just have to say the lead-violinist, woow, she (or rather her violin, or both…) owns me this night, just speechlessly amazing.

so, it seems i normally don’t have much to say after such a concert, except to perhaps provide a few links for listening. may be tomorrow i’ll come up with better words to describe my feelings.

The whole evening, the violin section got almost all of my attention (in addition to the chorus, but i was very close to the string, soo close to hear fully the wonderful sound of the baroque violins…) The chorus is absolutely amazing of course, especialy from the 7th row (any closer and i wouldn’t see the singers in the back.) but, let’s skip all the way to the 2nd part to hear Handel’s change of pace (just quite amazing to hear this within split seconds). This is the part where the Israeli were on their way, with Pharaoh and his people chasing behind:

vengeful mood: “He (God) smote all the first-born Egypt, the chief of all their strength.”

to tender mood: “But as for his people, he led them forth like sheep

now skipping to 3rd part for now because that’s what i still remember and because that’s where there was a ton of exchanges between violin and soprano duet, violin and woodwinds, cello+bass to bass duet, and everything else in this 1 clip 🙂


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