Der R on vivalavoce (and more)

a reminder: today, 20h EST, on vivalavoce:
February 22
Richard Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf [Die Feldmarschallin] | Otto Edelmann [Der Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau] | Christa Ludwig [Octavian] | Eberhard Wächter [Herr von Faninal] | Teresa Stich-Randall [Sophie] | Ljuba Welitsch [Marianne] | Paul Kuen [Valzacchi] | Kerstin Meyer [Annina] | Nicolai Gedda [Ein Sänger] | Philharmonia Chorus | Loughton High School for Girls & Bancroft’s School | Philharmonia Orchestra | Herbert von Karajan (conductor)

click here for windows media player and here for vlc/winamp.

finale of same recording:

if Der R is not your cup-o-tea (what?!!), you can also listen to “La Traviata”. details here.

it looks like one way or another, i’ll miss the first act, aaargh . too many cool events around. first i found out there’s a FREE 2.5hr salsa class on this campus from 7-9.30pm. Then, at the same place, there’s this talk, which i think will end up going to. The capture button will be set in motion, but for sure i’ll show up at 9pm to catch the rose presentation and the rest.

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6 Responses to Der R on vivalavoce (and more)

  1. thả diều says:

    wow, that was such a beautiful duet, clap clap clap clap. like!

  2. Where are they at? Was that Baron Ochs? I just made these Jamie Oliver brownies (killers) and am sitting down finally.

    • thả diều says:

      ha, those brownies land you in spam! must be the only guy singing, Ochs. sounds like the “bugs” are coming (my only reference is Der R with Kasarova. at this point, if u remember, lots of little bugs are showing up, along w/ skeleton men)
      how about a trade of some herb tea for a brownie?

  3. thả diều says:

    the end. that duet is so beautiful. somehow couldn’t quite get into the trio. too many sopranos for the night methinks. i done w/ the high voice for today!

  4. Pssst! Don’t tell anybody, but two sopranos singing next to each other sounds like two cats mating in the middle of the night.

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