(looking 4) Harteros interview…

ahhhh, anyone has the rest of this and care to share share with me??? woooah

(c) Opera , March 2011 issue , 8-pg interview with Anja Harteros

and while we’re on Harteros, head here to listen to her singing Leonora from Verdi’s Il Trovatore last week. like like like! (thanks Eyes for the alert and Parterre Box for making the clip available. I can only hope the rest of the opera will turn up??)


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8 Responses to (looking 4) Harteros interview…

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    oh yes, may the rest of that Trovatore surface.

    since I predict that Harteros will be THE Marschallin of the coming decade or two, we’ll hopefully get a chance to hear her take on this role in many, many place for many years to come. Still, LUCKY San Diego!

  2. Your library should have copies of Opera, thadieu, and you can buy in magazine stores (it’s $15-plus CND with all the taxes and whathaveyou here).

    The other day I spent too much time going through the old issues. Each December they complete the year by publishing the Index for that year, so you can check which names get mentioned in what issue.

    There are scanners in the libraries too, you know. (Subtle hint this was)

    • thadieu says:

      ah, someone is up and running, where is the tie now? 😉
      i checked, not my library, but library at NEC will have, will trek across river to read. am determined not to buy anymore things, saving up $ for flights to WS operas 🙂

  3. Eyesometric says:

    and ….. do you have this one? http://operatales.wordpress.com/

  4. idlehouse says:

    use inter-library loan services to get that magazine. You won’t get charged, and you can check out the magazine, bring it home, scan it in, and share with the world.

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