music for the day

I went to bed this morning after seeing this

, and promptly had a dream chatting in Vivica Genaux! She was giving sort of a seminar in an old church and a few people stayed afterward to chat with her and she was super duper friendly (in the dream of course). I talked some nonsense to her and didn’t manage to tell her that she was the reason I got into opera in the first place :-).

knowing almost nothing about opera, this, for me, was a very good introduction: new modern staging, good singing and acting (sorry, but the traditional looking one w/ Frederica von Stade didn’t attract me for some reason…). anyhow, i really like this staging a lot, and the male choir was fantastic. It also got me started with youtube posting: (please excuse the terribly blurry video, was my first ever attempt to cut/paste/edit videos in ubuntu for youtube)
Start of Act I

onto dandini’s scene, quite charming i find:

and Act 1 finale

the ending is of course in the first clip. here’s the playlist. happy friday.


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3 Responses to music for the day

  1. Eyesometric says:

    I really want to play these videos but I’m stuck on the iPod with a dodgey wifi connection and will have to wait until Monday grrr!

  2. Lankin says:

    Thank you! Have to listen to it, today 😀 My daughter loves cenerentola in general, so this is ONE opera I can actually listen to as a whole when she is there^^

    • thả diều says:

      You’re welcome Lankin! I hope you and your daughter enjoy it! I certainly did many times. The production is humorous and both singing and acting are great. There’s also a picture of Al Pacino on the wall to help the young generation connect with the bar setting :-D.

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