la traviata @ Cutler Majestic Theater

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One got the sense Teatro Lirico D’Europa were really shown the door even before the performance started. I feel a bit sad they won’t be here anymore for a while because I had enjoyed greatly their 2 performances within the last month and a half. We arrived at the theater to find out the upper balcony was close for the evening. My guess is: the thinking is that it (sadly) wouldn’t be sold out, so by keeping the $50 tix section open, people can buy these and move down to the $85 section once the first bell rang (exactly what we did). But I’m still curious why the upper balcony ($35) seats were not open. Could they not have gotten more people that way?

Anyhow, there was no paper/booklet for the evening. The singers’ names were only announced through the big speakers, so I won’t be able to tell you who sang what. The company left us a the message through the announcement though: we have been here for 12 consecutive years and it’s not time to say farewell. Instead we will only say so long and we will be back.

The curtain went up with Violetta having the first note. By the end of the evening, we all agreed that she sang VERY well when soft, which she did fantastically and so movingly at the end of Act III when Violetta was being humiliated by Alfredo in front of the entire crowd. For most of the evening though, I felt she was pushing too hard not in a good way (like screaming a bit, with the voice saturated and vibrating in and out of audible range). In other word, you’re listening to the music, the emotion, and while trying to understand the mood of the character, you’re somehow distracted and dragged to presence by the saturation of the sound. Places such as during Ah, fors’ e lui

where I think soft singing can really bring out the feeling (though I don’t know what’s written in the score), she went almost full force fortissimo. This was also the case in Act 1 and end of Act IV. We were a bit confused because we can hear her so well and great and the conductor was soo accommodating during those rare softer runs. But in the end, i learned to tune that out of my head and enjoyed her performance. Alfredo and particularly Giorgio were very well sung. When Giorgio began with his wish “siccome un angelo” (God gave me a daughter, As pure as an angel)
he sent goosebumps through my entire body. The Giorgio for this night at Cutler Majestic theater had a bit of desperation in his voice rather than arrogance, an attitude which I’ve seen in most youtube clip. He didn’t act a whole lot, but the singing was very chill-inducing.

The dancing was also very nice!! I almost forgot about this detail until the lovely gypsy and bull-dancer arrived at beginning of Act III. Is it strange that I normally admire the male dancers more?? Or could it really be that I admire the energetic dancer-in-pants bodies? something to work out here.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience (us included). Everyone appreciated the singers greatly. In enjoyed so much their two last performances, definitely has to do with how close i was to the stage and thus how connected i felt to the characters. I hope to see them more in the near future. Here’s a short movie of the curtain call to show our appreciation (not sure why it shook so much, i was really keeping it still, may be b/c other people were clapping??)


Alfredo and Violetta

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  1. That’s one impressive curtain call coverage! You’re beating even Intermezzo in Curtain Call Mastery. Love it.

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