music for cloudy day

i so surprised i didn’t like Bach Mass in B-minor originally when i was given this recording waaay back in 2002!!! it’s from the same friend who introduced me to Bach Matthaeus passion of course. here’s 1 clip for the day by Ingeborg Danz (i so excited to get to hear her later next month)

They must have not planned it together, on the same next weekend, there’re 6 performances piling on top of each other including 3 Bach Mass in B minor, Beethoven 5th, and Rossini’s Petite Messe. Since i can’t be at several places at same time, need to figure out what to skip!! argh. argh argh

Christe Eleison:

Agnus Dei — Nathalie Stutzman + Marc Minkowski:

(ps- thanks Eyes for the heads up 🙂 ).


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4 Responses to music for cloudy day

  1. Now, check this curtain call coverage for Tannhauser:
    You’re welcome.

    • thả diều says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂
      wow, i almost didn’t recognize her with the gray hair. didn’t she have this super slick black hair in the gorgeous red dress?? it’s so sad these productions were not captured on dvd :((, reallllly want to hear Nina Stemme, realllly. this joint performance somehow reminded me of this lovely occasion…

    • I really need to get that Rosenkavalier DVD, it’s an overdue task.

      But yeah, gray wigs are sizzzzling hot. I’m guessing her Venus changes wigs between first and last appearance? She wears that red dress very well. Don’t understand why she escaped immediately and everybody else lingered to bask in their individual applause…

      • thả diều says:

        but she seemed to do that everytime in Alcina as well. I think she wanted to leave the credit to Harteros and Stemme? I now have a place to stay in Zurich if I travel there!! must make a trip soon… I heard the opera haus has ~1000 seats only, very intimate.
        And I should comment as well how greeeeaaat she looks in that dress, esp. given how notorious Zurich haus is in dressing her in drag. Even my 1.5-yr-old niece said “man singing” (in Vietnamese) while watching her on screen!!
        (ps- yes, dvd is great! i watched it many times! Nina Stemme was aaaamazing, waw.
        i walk homo now. ciao)

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