clips from bellini’s i capuleti in Munich

update2: have you seen this trailer??? oh my, i nearly fainted

update: the leathers are out: 2 more clips at bottom, still working slowly, a white shirt assistant is urgently needed.


I’ve gotten to only 2 so far, hopefully more to come on this same post demain.

Here’s Eri Nakamura’s take on Giulietta’s entrance aria, better sound than her Cardiff post on youtube:

The first duet with Tara Erraught as Romeo and Eri Nakamura as Giulietta

Tara Erraught sings Romeo’s entrance aria

Second duet, vieni ah! vieni in me riposa


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7 Responses to clips from bellini’s i capuleti in Munich

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    thanks for digging these up! 🙂

    I linked back here from WS Monday.

  2. purity says:

    Ah Dr T, that second grant will be on its way any day now. Dr T Centre for White Shirt Studies… can it be far away?

  3. Eyesometric says:

    NewbieWhiteShirt Eyes volunteering for internship Ma’am 😉

  4. Eyesometric says:

    THANK YOU for the trailer! ( It’s my birthday – yes, really ) Fainting also. I have tears just seeing and hearing what might have been and will be watching all day. What other precious moments do you have up your sleeve?

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