Ediiita in Munich

instead of sleeping, i blogging thanks to funny jetlag. letäs see how i manage here with the german kezboard…

mz trip got to a great start with a dear friend picking me up at the airport, followed bz a niiice stroll around the opernhaus and ticket transfer via dear Suzette, 5 tickets, yay.

firstly, i wouldnät reccommend jetlag + an immediate opera which you donät know anzthing about + no understandable subtitles. But Gruberova is singing and itäs bel canto… itäs Christof Loy’s production of Lucrezia Borgia, finally an opera where the soprano kills everyone without killing herself, i like! i still donät know who is what except for Lucrezia, her son, and a white-shirt mezzo who kept me from passing out at my standing spot.

Gruberova: this woman is a miracle! if this is what everzone has been calling “not as good as before”, then iäm clearlz missing out on what good is! is there anzthing she can not do? all the accolades she got was entirely deserved! for once, i agree with the 10+ rounds of curtain calls (i left after that, they were still clapping for her.) Her voice is pleasantly richer than i expected (i reallz have a theory now sopranos are not well recorded in general…) The high notes, the lows, the crystal clear voice with no wild vibrato, the intensity, the flexibility, anzthing you name, she has! and wow, i finallz experienced a Gruberova’s pianissimo, woooahaaa. and the acting itself is verz impressive, perhaps thanks to her absolutelz convincing singing. iäm sold, it was entirelz worth the crayz effort. i did stand there wishing i were a bit more fresh to experience her, was reallz drifting in and out at times thanks to non-understandable texts.

Charles Castranovo: he has a verz beautiful voice, full of expressiveness. his acts verz well also, which i guess i shouldnät be suprised given how touched i was at the last scene of Il Postino last zear in Los Angeles where he drew me to near tear (am still getting goosebumps thinking about him with a read hankerchief around his neck singing about the revolution and friendship as his character was dying). His scenes with Gruberova and with the white-shirt mezzo were beautifully sung and acted.

which brings me to the white-shirt mezzo: i still donät know her name nor the character she plazed, but man she kept me awake! like like like! perhaps she could trz Romeo next time. (edit: found her) I also discovered this cool aria which i heard before but didnät know the source. It’s interesting to watch this again realizing they all die after this aria…

Staging: this is my first live Christof Loy’s production, love love love love it! as alwazs, a table and a few chairs. many things are left for imagination which zou get from the voices and subtle acting. and of course there was white shirts EVERYWHERE. at one point I counted 14 young gals in shirt + thin ties

altogether, smashing great start with Frau Gruberova. some photos and curtain call coming tomorrow° along with capuleti report. leaving zou with more Gruberova in a white shirt, i amazed everztime i hear her. having a couple soprano crushes here in munich due to lack of my romeo…

° or whenever i wake up, possiblz 6pm local time given iäm still awake now…


7 responses to “Ediiita in Munich”

  1. Great teaser of posts yet to come – thank you Dr. T.
    Hope your jet-lag doesn’t mar anything you might get up to in Europe 😉 Love the German keyboard!

  2. sillz German kezboards… 😉

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the White Shirt Loy Belcanto party… – Silvia Tro Santafe has far too few clips up an YouTube compared to all the great gigs she has already under her belt (like Polinesso next to von Otter’s Ariodante – now THAT was a night to remember!).

    Looking forward to more reviews from the beautiful South. And I hope you get some sleep in between, too! 🙂

  3. hey An, glad that you liked your first Gruberova, and isn’t Munich absolutely mad about her 😉
    so now I hope you enjoyed also your I Capuleti yesterday. But I guess so 🙂
    I saw an absolutely stunning production in the Gärtner Platz theatre, The House of Usher by Philip Glass, all what I can say: wow…if you have still time, you should see it…
    See you on Wednesday…this reminds me: still photos and videos of curtain call on my camera….

  4. So cool. And now I’m intrigued and want to see Lucrezia (b)Orgia, I placed hold for it on the library, even if they only have the ancient Bonynge version with Sutherland and (this should be good though) Anne Howells as Maffio Orsini. It won’t be Orgia, therefore, but still I’ll get the idea.

    Looking forward to reading more about your Bayerische adventures.

  5. I adore Munich! I don’t adore Gruberova vocally–never did–but when I saw her in Roberto Devereux last July I understood the excitement she inspires. It was magic. i couldn’t breathe in the last scene. (I wrote about that experience here.)

  6. Ehehe, the “German” spelling, wouldnät… 😀 (I stumbled onto this post somehow)

    1. 🙂 , my first venture to munich to hear VK’s romeo! it’s all planned for you to land here 😉

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