having fun

please bayerische staatsoper, may i have this wall-sized poster when you’re done?

one of the things i enjoy greatly in my young life is visiting friends. i made very very good friends who share much of common interests during graduate study time. Interestingly enough a high concentration of them end up in Europe, particularly in the southern part of Germany. It’s always great to catch up and pick up conversations as if we were still in Boston 7-8 years ago.  A shift to another friend’s place last night found me “hide my ass dot com” yay! that’s a site that should be beneficial for ALL of us youtube-watcher resitricted by copyright whatever. I’ve already proven a test case where my post is blocked in Germany but now can be viewed here. (edit: sorry i tested last night it seemed to work but now it’s saying the video is again not available.  However, this site works: http://proxy.org/proxies_sorted.shtml –> i picked #5 = im-hidden.com and it puts me now in the Netherlands :-), clear cookies also helps.)

Munich temperature, 2.30pm sunday 03-apr-2011

There is only a hint of spring at the very tip of tiny tree branches in Boston last week, but here, flowers are blooming! the birds are singing. even the rain is beautiful. so, just some random pictures. I spent my weekend learning a lot about the life of a professional musician (and Salome and Elektra). Did you know viola players get made fun of the most? “At a party, a viola player try to grab a drink with his right hand but it shakes so much he couldn’t hold the cup without spilling.  His colleague approaches him: ‘it’s ok to use your left hand, we know it’ll never spill’. ” ;  “For 30 years, at every concert and rehearsal, this viola player opened his case, put out the viola and bow, then opened a tiny piece of paper to recite something, folded the paper and put back into his case.  His colleagues were always curious, so on his last day, they devised a scheme where one of the percussion players would sneak in while he was playing. They found the small paper with tiny writing: ‘viola left, bow right’. ” There are also jokes about soprano, bass, tenor, but none yet for mezzos :-). How does a soprano warm up? “Me, myself, and I. Me, myself, and I.”

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  1. Loving the photos. Your friend plays the double bass?

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