Onegin on BR-Klassik

greetings from san diego. super long flight including story of cracked cockpit windshield and plane-changing for some 400+ people… just popping in to say my friend is playing in this performance today Apr 12 at 7pm Munich time and it’s broadcast live on BR Klassik (see right column under Radio for link) in case you want to check it out. i afraid i might still be zzz thanks to stunning jet-lag.


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4 Responses to Onegin on BR-Klassik

  1. In other news, Bayerische just announced its new season. Netrebko will be Giulietta to Kasarova’s Romeo.

  2. Eyesometric says:

    That’s interesting news. Has Netrebko double booked herself for Friday 29th July or can she make a dash between gigs?

  3. thả diều says:

    OMG, where’s the drooling icon…
    i off to their site to figure out which month i need to clear schedule again!!!
    netrebko = taping, yay! let’s hope they avoid Dec-Apr, otherwise known as pneumonia months!

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