voi che sapete

i back! have been having this tune in my head the last couple of days now. i saw this once at LA opera with Renata Pokupic singing. If my capturing skill was better, you would have been able to see much clearer how she unbuttoned to reveal the white shirt and whom she was on top of ;-).

Without subtitles, it’s actually an interesting aria to listen to, with free interpretation all around. Here’re some links to get us started:

Christine Schäfer’s take:

(Marina Comparato’s take. like Patrizia Ciofi’s Susanna in this one!)

Maite Beaumont’s take, to Dutch subtitles:

Rinat Shaham’s take, to English subtitles (clik on cc):

of course you know i won’t skip Frau K‘s take (audio only). Do you have a favorite Cherubino?

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One Response to voi che sapete

  1. Eyesometric says:

    So many Cherubinos ( Cherubini ? ) so little time 😉

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