nice side effect

ha! sister called it possibly side of effect of the heavy duty anti-histamine i’ve been taking, but, gals and guys, i finally shook hands with Frau Kasarova! in my dream!

The setting is a bit interesting, in a church, full of vietnamese.  must have been because i was talking to cousin last night about attending her wedding and it somehow reflected in dream about the last cousin’s wedding i attended… needless to say, it can be quite religious.  and if you know anything about me at all, it’s that i’m quite allergic to churches, unless i’m there for a very nice concert or reluctantly for some cousins’ weddings…  So, after gliding dangerously downhill on some kind of things with wheels (sort of like a skateboard), i arrived at church to find out Frau K was there singing!  and, thankfully it wasn’t religious music! was some early period music in fact.  A friend (not sure who) said she’d informed Frau K that a big fan of hers is in the haus and promised to bring big fan over after concert.  I of course gladly tagged along, and i must tell you, in contrary to the event post-alcina, she was in a very non-intimidating outfit (i don’t remember), and smiled WIDELY at me while shaking my hands.  I of course smiled widely in return.  A short conversation followed:

thadieu: I’m a big fan of yours
Frau K: (warmly shaking my hands) where are you from?
thadieu: currently i live in Boston
Frau K: ah, you flew in from Boston? (while thinking a little bit where that is)

i don’t remember anymore the rest of the conversation, except at the end, while still holding my hands warmly, Frau K reached out to kiss me on the cheek (only 1 side) to say goodbye .

there you have it. well, the good part of the dream at least. i’ll spare you the pain of reading the rest of my rather tensed confrontation with a certain person about how many time i MUST attend mass and how i tried to get away from that church the rest of my sleeping time and woke up still stuck in that church.

anyhow, a little bit of Frau K to finish this amusing post. this was what i heard her last before the dream:


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5 Responses to nice side effect

    • thả diều says:

      oh, thanks for the review, at least they’re fitting her with better dresses now! another die hard fan of hers (or may be of his) recorded some clips on YT last week too 🙂 .

      on an unrelated note, can u recommend some YT clips for me to get familiarize with Ariadne auf Naxos ?

    • If it’s easily obtainable, get a DVD from the library. If not, just wander about YT, and read the synopsis online somewhere…

      Natalie Dessay’s Zerbinetta No. 1 (Laurent Pelly director):

      The Munich Carsen highlights:

      Nina Stemme’s as Ariadne:

      Sarah Connolly as the Composer:

  1. Eyesometric says:

    You must give me the name of that medicine 😉
    Do you have the whole DVD of Belle Helene then? this extract is hilarious – she does comedy so well.

    • thả diều says:

      yes Eyes, i have the dvd, very nice. i’ve seen it at least 5 times :-). nice music too for listening while working. she’s quite funny here, and the voice is just downright gorgeous!

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