music for the night

greetings from Los Angeles! weather here is very nice! but, as usual, yours truly is sitting in a windowless office working away… to rossini…  this tune/duet always sticks in my head, pretty fun tune of course.  again, without subtitles it can be quite interesting to interpret while listening/watching. if you want to find out what the scene is about, start from bottom clip.

Kasarova & Antoniozzi

Marilyn Horne/Monk

Jennifer Larmore / Allessandro Corbelli (and Gorilla), to French subtitles <– pretty fun to watch. the owner of the clip didn’t allow me to embed.

and Stephanie Blythe (i really like her voice, not fan of his), to English subtitles:


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One Response to music for the night

  1. Eyesometric says:

    Lovely post, Dr. T. It’s given me an idea …..

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