vietnamese feast

the charming smorgy braved the public and private transportation system in southern california to visit me in LA just in time for a special invitation from my best friend for a vietnamese feast early this week.  there are few people i would show up on the spot when they cook, little sister and best friend are on this short list.  In fact, they were fully acknowledged in my thesis:

“Many thanks to my younger sister XXX and older sister YYY who have helped keeping me sane through all the good and bad times, and for the occasional cargos of food delivered in person or by mails. …Lastly I’d like to thank my best friend ZZZ for her great companionship and superb cooking.”

So, ja, i was quite ready with a biiig appetite, especially when she called the day before to say she had bánh xèo and it was soo good that she saved some for me .  that’s one of my all time favorite dishes.  it’s only an “appetizer” though because the main dish is of course Phở, the host’s specialty.   Her Phở is of course extremely tasty, but i must say if I have a choice, i’d rather have SEVEN bánh xèo, then ask for 1 bowl of Phở togo :D.

So, just a little bit about bánh xèo since it’s one of my super duper favorites.  The most difficult part is the mixing of the batter, Kinh nghiệm: Pha bột đổ bánh xèo giòn rụm đây. (I’ll translate at some point soon, but you should just go there for some nice photos 🙂 ).  here’s a scene in viet nam on how bánh xèo is normally made on the street:

Onto some photos of authentic Phở and truly vietnamese fruits from the host.  needless to say, yours truly ate A LOT, was in pain the whole night digesting… all in all, i’ve gained quite a few pounds these couple of weeks, haven’t been hungry the whole week thanks to endless great food eating… much much appreciations to best friend at older sister (and her husband) for superb cooking, and to the charming smorgy for a nice visit.

home-made Pho decoration

host with rambutan, reportedly now only $2.99/lbs in Little Saigon

happily waiting for next batch of banh xeo


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8 Responses to vietnamese feast

  1. chau says:

    K & I would have loved the foods! We could have come too 🙂 Last time I made banh xeo, it was a total…something. Resemblance of scrambled dehydrated porridge, despite superly successful attempts at a few years back. D refused to approach the pan, I ate everything of course, the taste was there, texture “slightly” shy 🙂

  2. Eyesometric says:

    Lucky people – such happy photos. You must tell me sometime how you get those captions and arrows on the pic.!

  3. Smorg says:

    Dunno how charming I was being, though I was definitely charmed by the hospitality, An. 😀 Dinner was fantastic and the company was even better! Thanks a bunch! (And thanks for the foodie video clips, too! I’ve gotta look up how to make a few Vietnamese dishes. You guys really know how to cook!).

    Hiya Eyes! I tried to eat for you, too, but our Dr. T was the champ. I swear she put a sumo wrestler to shame on the dinning table! 😉

    • Eyesometric says:

      The thing is … how do you gals manage to put away so much sumptuous food and still stay svelt?

    • thả diều says:

      oh, i have to agree with Smorgy here, i ate an ocean of food, sometimes it’s just too upsetting to get full _so_ quickly. not sure what that 3-mi walk did for smorgy but i was constantly complaining about in pain due to too much food (in stomach) 😀

      Eyes, the little trick we vietnamese do is to eat 1 part starch 10 part vegetable + herbs ;-). the release from last yr: average female vietnamese (in vietnam) is 43kg and 1.5m tall :-).

      arrow and text in pictures: u open with “preview”, then for arrow, for text, and voila!

  4. Eyesometric says:

    Ahaa … now it makes sense !

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