happy friday

gigantic platform for fireworks in middle of Charles River, 1-july-2011

In case you’re ever in Boston around July, it’s one of the best places to hang out for 4th-July.  Sitting here with this window view, i somehow can’t get rid of this totally unrelated tune in my head :-).  The week before July 4th, the above platform is delivered to the middle of the river just between the Havard and Longfellow Bridges.  Then on the 4th, all streets surrounding the river are closed to traffic, which allows this little kid to roam freely on the busiest Massachusetts Ave

she’ll be here this year as well, 1 year older.  People show up on both sides of the rivers along the Esplanade by the thousands (last year estimate was 4 hundred thousands) for free music by the Boston Pop.  If you can get yourself on the Harvard Bridge, it’s the ideal place to see the spectacular fireworks.  The bridge is close just before sunset so get on it before then.  We were lucky last year to get a wonderful obstruction-free spot for viewing.  The show is always sync to some themed music and finishes with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture.

Afterward, if you don’t have to rush, just sit back and enjoy the sea of people

a very fun event indeed, i quite looking forward to it.  I have the option to just stay in the office to watch the fireworks, as many people have suggested. But! that is just absolutely no fun!!! how can one watch fireworks indoor (albeit undeniably with a view many would love to have) if you can be outside on a wonderful and humid summer evening! happy friday everyone, and a happy long weekend for those in the US.

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