aerial beauty

here’s a series of photos from screen captures to celebrate the beauty of headers by some of the top female footballers of the world. I’m always a biig fan of runs down the sides and crosses from either wing into the penalty area. As only an observer, i have no idea how difficult it is to cover someone in front of the goal against these crosses. When the pass is accurate, it’s such a beauty to watch. The power of these headers are just simply amazing. Looks like all the highlights on youtube are wiped out due to copyright, but this series can be seen here (at least for now…).
Germany 1 France 0

Peter free kick into the penalty area from nearly 40m away

Garefrekes outran the defender at the far post for a header

Germany 2 France 0

Laudehr left foot cross from the left side into penalty area

Grings, left unguarded, headed in Germany's 2nd goal

Germany 2 France 1

corner kick from France on its way into penalty area, FIVE french player left uncovered just outside the 5.5m area

#18 Delie headed the ball to empty net on the far side of German goal to put France on board

Germany 3 France 2

ball coming in from right corner for France. again, the German defense watched...

#4 Georges, left unguarded on the far side, headed the ball in between German keeper and goal-post defender

Some last thoughts:
I think both sides should talk about coverages, especially during corner kicks and free kicks where the defense has time to get set…
Starting Inka Grings brought the front line of Germany back to life. She ran down many balls and made very very good decisions with her passings. When Behringer is back, I’m in complete support of having her as a starter and Bajramaj as a sub. Behringer adds more threat with her power shots from the distance, whereas Bajramaj needs the ball passed to her very near the goal, it seems, to be able to do something. Most of the time, she just ran the ball by herself right into the other side’s defense without passing the ball…
Lastly, da Mbabi’s ball-control in the penalty area is amazing. twice now she let the ball dropped to calmly put it low into the net (instead of shooting the birds). This is of course when she gets herself completely free thanks to superb passes from team-mates.

Onto the quarter-final, let’s hope for many more headers from Garefrekes, Grings, and superb strikes from the rest of the team. go germany!

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4 Responses to aerial beauty

  1. Anik LaChev says:

    and speaking of beauty – anyone else looking forward to USA vs. Sweden tonight for(admittedly shallow) reasons additional to those of hopefully seeing a good game?
    Solo and Wambach and Rapinoe vs. my very favorite Swedish No. 9… 😉

  2. thả diều says:

    hihi, yes, i’ll tune in. i admit not knowing any players on the Swedish team and only Wambach on USA 😀

  3. Anik LaChev says:

    sorry, I missed the game!
    Unbelievable, but we were out visiting friends until midnight… *sigh* And it sounds like I missed quite a game!!
    I hope you got a good look at a few of the players (including the Swedish No. 9 😉 ) Now let’s hope both teams will remain in the tournament for a while longer.

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