usa vs brazil

this plan to stay up for the match failed badly as i woke up just after the game ended!  but i now back from watching the replay of the match.  what a come back.  that last cross by Megan Rapinoe to set up Wambach’s tying goal was absolutely amazing.  One can’t say that this world cup is lacking in drama.  an own goal, a red-card that should have been but not, an undeserved red-card, an unjustified re-take of penalty kick, an absolutely beautiful goal from Marta thanks to a cross from an off-side position, and a tying header from an incredibly accurate cross in the 122+ minute.  PK will always be PK, such a thin separation between winning-losing that sends 1 side screaming with joy right next to a collapsing side in tears.  onto the semifinal we go, USA vs France and Japan vs Sweden.  I’ll now take the approach of cheering for the good teams and hope for good matches with consistent refereeing :-).

ps- i think the booing of Marta was totally uncalled for.  at the referee perhaps, but what did Marta do?    She went for the ball in the penalty area and went down, penalty kick. it wasn’t diving.  (if we talk about diving, Wambach also did a couple, but that’s part of the game…). the penalty retake wasn’t her idea, she just took what the referee gave.  I saw the whole match, she is the most skillful and hardest runner on the field.  Cheering for the good team, sure.  Booing unjustified decisions by referee? perhaps.  Booing the best player on the planet for her hard work on the field, ugly.  Even in the Germany-Nigeria game, i didn’t hear this bad booing at Nigerian players.

sweden vs australia

wow, what an entertaining match!  First Swedish goal, looks like Australian goalie should have handled.  i like Sweden #8 a lot. very energetic runs and accurate passes (Australian defense on that right side is full of holes though….)  2nd goal was wide open.  Australian goal was amazing!!

near half time, sweden 2 australia 1

a match with olympic implication, not liking that part at all….


Back, with some photos per DtO’s request 😉

Here’s Team Sweden dancing celebration after each goal:

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