sweden vs australia

wow, what an entertaining match!  First Swedish goal, looks like Australian goalie should have handled.  i like Sweden #8 a lot. very energetic runs and accurate passes (Australian defense on that right side is full of holes though….)  2nd goal was wide open.  Australian goal was amazing!!

near half time, sweden 2 australia 1

a match with olympic implication, not liking that part at all….


Back, with some photos per DtO’s request 😉

Here’s Team Sweden dancing celebration after each goal:

and #8, a world-class speedy forward Lotta Schelin with good crosses and a goal today against Australia:

(c) Getty Images

And #14, extremely fast forward Josephine Öqvist

Too bad, Anik’s fav player Jessica Landström didn’t play the last two matches, so i really didn’t get to see her at all, but here she is, celebrating and having a conversation with #8 and teammate:

And the last line of defense, goalie Hedvig Lindahl:

(c) Heavey, Getty Images

As you can see, i haven’t had enough time to know the whole line-up of team Sweden, especially the back line, like team Germany. But they’re into the semifinal against Japan next. Sweden has a lot of speed at the front line, something Germany didn’t seem to have. But against the extremely disciplined and skillful Japanese defenders, it will be a very good game.

Schedule for the Semifinal: Wednesday,

29 13/07 20:45 Frankfurt/Main Japan Japan Sweden Sweden
30 13/07 18:00 Moenchengladbach France France USA USA

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  1. Can we have a picture of the Swedish team, no?

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